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At their experience centres Aquant is able to highlight its latest bathroom concepts and solutions to improve bathroom architecture and environments

Aquant Is Trending

With the cornerstones being innovative and attractive designs, remarkable quality and competitive pricing, Aquant aims to bring the promise of value to your bathroom.

It is rare to see a home-grown sanitary ware and fittings player break through the crowded bath segment dominated by international brands and stake their claim to market share. But this is exactly what Aquant has managed to achieve since its inception.

Founded in 2006 by late Zahid Quettawalla, late Ashif Patel and Jitendra Jain, the company is currently being managed by Jitendra Jain, Kamlesh Jain, Tasneem Quettawalla (who joined in 2016) and Saajid Patel (who entered the business after his father Ashif Patel passed away in 2011). The firm’s focus is squarely on seeking out exclusive and innovative products.

The company’s directors realise the need for exclusive, contemporary products in the world of bath design, and they travel extensively across the world to visit factories for the latest designs, quality materials and workmanship.


Today, the brand has over 300 dealers in India (mainly in the Western and Southern region) and imports products from 57 best-in-class manufacturers in China and Indonesia. Aquant has over 700 SKUs in its portfolio. With the directors keeping a tight watch on cost control, the firm is able to offer products at a much lower cost than its competitors. Aquant has no manufacturing base, so there are no production overheads. Instead it imports directly from China and Indonesia where the products are manufactured specifically for them.

Aquant also doesn’t have distributors and they don’t go overboard with their marketing and advertising spends. Instead they service their dealers directly who in turn sell to a growing customer base.

The firm is looking at investing heavily in its supply chain and logistics across India over the coming years. They also plan to expand their concept of state-of-the-art experience centres (they recently opened an expansive facility at the Laxmi Industrial Estate, Mumbai) to other cities where they have a dealer network. At their experience centres Aquant is able to highlight its latest bathroom concepts and solutions to improve bathroom architecture and environments with its cutting edge products.


While Aquant has been associated with leading Chinese manufacturers, it is now looking at Turkish and Italian brands for the ultra-premium range of sanitary ware and bathroom fittings to increase its scope of offerings.

With a growth rate of over 20 percent in the past five years, Aquant has it sight set on playing in the big league – and with its formula of quality, pricing, market reach and having the right mindset, its seems like success is within sight!



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