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Kitchen Scenario In India

We find out how technology is playing a key role in modern kitchen design and appliances today.

Etreluxe is a multi-award winning luxury lifestyle Indian retail brand established in the year 2004. Following the latest trends and style in the interior design space, Etreluxe specialises in providing décor products by international brand such as Molteni & C, Mestre, Nolte and Miele. Currently the company has two showrooms in Delhi NCR and is also present in key commercial centres of the city.

Primarily dealing in supplying a stellar range of kitchen products, Etreluxe also deals in designing products for bath, kitchen, surfaces, doors & windows, grills & railings and furniture.

Mr. Dilip Rathi, Managing Partners of Etrelux
Mr. Dilip Rathi, Managing Partners of Etrelux

Mr. Dilip Rathi and Mr. Kamal Rathi, Managing Partners of Etrelux tell us about the kitchen market in India and how technology is playing a key role in modern kitchen designing today.

Mr. Kamal Rathi, Managing Partners of Etrelux
Mr. Kamal Rathi, Managing Partners of Etrelux

How are international kitchen brands performing in the Indian market? 

The Kitchens segment in India is doing well as the luxury market in India is in its growth stage. The target customer group has increased with a growth in the disposable incomes of the HIG and MIG consumers. Consumers are now increasingly aspiring for premium and luxury products which have opened doors for us to do good business.

The overall industry has expanded too and now with brilliant products like steam ovens by Miele that promote healthy cooking and appliances which are high on technology, the kitchen industry has witnessed a drastic change.  To make the customers happy, brands today consider lifestyle, design, trends and utility of the products which they supply to the customers. We have also noticed that the kitchens have increased in size now and customers these days are keen on opting for dry and wet kitchens.

Are customers opting for an open kitchen concept or do they still prefer a separate kitchen area? 

Over the time, we have noticed that customers these days have adopted for two types of kitchen-a dry kitchen and a wet kitchen.  A dry kitchen is where the socializing light cooking takes place.


Very often, the space of this type of kitchen is open and customers opt for a more designed look for it. The other Kitchen is the wet kitchen, where heavy cooking takes place. Due to daily cooking activity happening here, customers prefer this to be more robust in terms of functionality and materials.  Technology plays a huge role in a kitchen as it makes life easier for working family members.  This is where the appliances with technology focus come into play.

Is there a demand for high tech appliances?

Slowly, the concept of kitchen appliances is shifting from freestanding to built-in which is not only about functionality but also about design and technology. Miele, a German brand with its excellent craftsmanship, engineered aesthetics, innovation and excellence is leading in this category. Because of design, technology, ease of usage, longevity of products and a top-notch after sale service the demand for such products has increased drastically over last couple of years.

There has been an increase in the number of kitchen appliance manufacturers and importers. Which according
to you is the leader in this segment?

There are many international brands which have entered the market in last few years, but only a number of them have been able to meet customer demands and satisfaction. Miele is best brand in this segment as it has wide variety of products which are far superior in terms of technology and are designed as per the local needs with amazing after sale service as an added advantage.

Are customers opting for built-in kitchen appliances like ovens and microwaves?

Demand for built – in kitchen appliances have increased primarily because of two reasons: Customers today prefer having a modular kitchen for which they need to use built-in appliances that give a better finish to the set up.

Secondly, customer needs are changing and today people are moving away from basic freestanding style products to lifestyle products which are good in terms of design and functionality too.

What do you think could be the trends in this segment in the coming year?

In 2016, lightning and aesthetics of the kitchen space have been on rise as fancy lights are used to highlight the beauty of the space. Slowly and gradually, country and classic style kitchen is being replaced with modular style kitchens. Over time, people are looking for appliances which can work through simple apps and save time to make life easier. In the coming years, people will be more conscious about sustainability and greener products in their kitchens too.

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