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Revamp Your Ceilings With Gyproc

Gyproc’s ceilings create homes that are unique, elegant, better lit and more energy efficient.

If you were to close your eyes and visualise the ceiling of a modern home, what would come to your mind? Possibly metal ceiling tiles or a wooden ceiling; perhaps a false ceiling. We have moved on from traditional ceilings. Ceilings today are no longer the white, monotonous stretch created of cement or plaster. In a bid to keep pace with changing mindsets and to provide pioneering ceiling solutions, Gyproc was established.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd. is part of the Saint-Gobain Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum plasters. The company is a pioneer in introducing lightweight interior construction practices in the Indian market, and its products and systems are of great use to companies, builders, interior decorators and end consumers.

Gyproc offers a wide range of false ceilings such as gypsum  plasterboard-based ceilings, Ecophon acoustic ceiling tiles and grid ceiling tiles
Gyproc offers a wide range of false ceilings such as gypsum
plasterboard-based ceilings, Ecophon acoustic ceiling tiles and grid ceiling tiles

False ceilings can lend a definitive look and feel to a room and help you create a unique ambience. Since a ceiling has a large surface area, it plays an important role in the acoustic and thermal comfort of a room. Besides, false ceilings offer immense functional benefits that translate into better lit, cooler, quieter and more energy efficient rooms.

Gyproc leads the way when it comes to false ceilings and offers a wide range of options; gypsum plasterboard-based false ceilings, Ecophon acoustic ceiling tiles and grid ceiling tiles using materials as diverse as gypsum, mineral fibre and metal.

Different kinds of gypsum plasterboard are used for the false ceiling system depending on the application area. These include Gypboard for plain false ceiling in normal areas, Gyproc Moisture Resistant Board for wet areas with high moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens and Gyproc Fireline Board for fire-resistant ceiling applications.

The gypsum plasterboard false ceiling is a monolithic suspended system that allows customers to achieve a beautiful, homogeneous appearance and a smooth finish without visible joints. Curves, steps and other designer ceiling options can also be achieved with plasterboard.

Ecophon is a leading, global supplier of sound-absorbent ceilings and wall absorber systems. The Ecophon range of soft felt (glass wool) tiles gives excellent acoustic performance for ceilings and wall panels. These acoustic ceiling tiles offer a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating ranging from 0.90 to 1.00 (i.e. 90 to 100% sound absorption).


Ecophon solutions are available in a variety of edge designs for concealed fixing, or visible grid for direct fixing. They are designed to improve the appearance of the edge design, meet requirements of detachability and provide easy access to installations in the space between the false ceiling and the soffit. The different kinds available are Ecophon Sombra, Ecophon Focus DS, Ecophon Advantage, Ecophon Gedina, Ecophon Hygiene, Ecophon Master, Ecophon Free Hanging and Ecophon Combison.

The grid ceiling system is a lightweight lay-in system available in concealed or exposed grid options. The ceiling has substantial sound reduction and absorption qualities. Gyproc offers 2×2 and 2×4 sizes and in various patterns. The tiles offer a wide range of decorative effects including smooth, textured, patterned or perforated effects. The kinds of grid ceiling tiles include gypsum for aesthetic appeal in grid tile format; mineral fibre for applications that require moderate acoustics and metal tiles either made of steel or aluminium for areas that require high physical stability and ease of maintenance.

Gyptone acoustic ceilings contribute to aesthetics, good acoustics and good indoor climates. They are a combination of design, technical performance and range giving a multitude of interior design options, which are both visual and acoustically striking. These ceilings have wear-resistant and easy to maintain surfaces, which result in a long life time and low maintenance costs. They are made out of natural materials and do not contain environmentally dangerous substances. Its other benefits include having a monolithic finish, possibility of lighting effects and a paintable surface and ease of cleaning.

With Gyproc’s false ceiling systems, it’s convenient to transform a drab room and make it come alive.



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