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Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Nobilia Line N from H&R Johnson is a modular kitchen that suits all your requirements

The Avant-Garde Kitchen

We bring you the latest innovation and trends in kitchen styles, materials, appliances, accessories and more.

The kitchen today caters to the needs and demands of a fast-paced technological world. It is no longer a separate entity from the rest of the home, but a space for socialising, relaxation and creativity. Hence it needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the consumers more than willing to experiment with the designs, textures and colours, manufacturers have sought to innovate and equip the modern kitchen with the very best!

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Nagold’s range of ORO built-in hobs offers the efficiency of the traditional wood-fire Indian cooking along with the convenience of modern technology


Modular Kitchens:

Modular kitchens determine that the layout suits your requirements perfectly. Handle-less kitchens like the Nobilia Line by HR Johnson, lacquered kitchen with laser-welded edges, with glass and marble island fronts and built-in appliances to top it all off, whether you are looking up to renovating your kitchen or even planning the kitchen of your new home, a modular kitchen is just what you need! The futuristic kitchen is the perfect blend of technology, comfort and luxury. Stainless steel as in the stainless Steel Hybrid Kitchen by Wurfel, is increasingly being preferred as a material for modular kitchens since it is durable, hygienic, eco-friendly, water-resistant, termite-free and unaffected by weather conditions. Additionally, they look stylish and shining. Wooden modular kitchens have a charming and timeless appeal. Stone block kitchens are also trending with their classic and edgy appearance.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Experiment with cuisines with Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker


Cooking is not a mundane household chore any more it is a wholesome creative pursuit that one can indulge in. Smart and efficient Gadgets simplify cooking, by reducing the cooking time as well as execute the entire process efficiently. Innovation in aesthetics, technology and function is combined subtly by a complete and exclusive range of smart appliances that include water purifiers, coffee makers, food processors, blenders and juicers, air fryers, chimneys, refrigerators, cooktops, induction and microwave ovens, steamers, beverage and wine coolers and toasters. With pasta and noodle makers, you can even experiment with myriad cuisines. The market is now flooded with a large number of smart appliances including 3d-chimneys from Faber, Bosch dishwashers and flame-control induction hobs from Hafele and electric, steam and microwave built-in ovens from Nagold range of Hafele to name a few that promise to make cooking simpler and easier for you!

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
“Modern, sleek and technologically-advanced appliances are gaining popularity”, says Mr. Wolf, Managing Director, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd.

Worktops and Surfaces:

The choice of the right material and appropriate work top is very significant for the kitchen since this pace is meant for preparing, serving and potentially dining.  Easily cleaned and maintained surfaces, food grade certified counter tops and heat, scratch and stain resistant surfaces are the ones to go for.  The material used for the kitchen top can be granite, quarts, hard wood, laminate, glass, concrete, marble, engineered stone, copper, stainless steel or polymer-based materials. You can come across countertops that are anti-microbial and scratch-resistant like the Top Shield Counter Top by HR Johnson and ultra-translucent surfaces of The Studio Collection by Avonite which not only come with the promise of delivering functionality but also an additional aesthetic charm.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Lacqer from Poggenpohl spells excellence in design and functionality

Sinks and Faucets:

Sinks and faucets are now available in styles that amaze you with their artistic designs and a wide variety of combinations of textures. Since microbes have the tendency of multiplying in wet and humid environments, sinks and faucets have additional sanitised options. Distinct spaces for cleaning up and work areas are also being provided for. Faucets with sensors are the latest trend and so are the ones that come with filters that turn regular water into clean and fresh water. Stain resistant sinks and faucets is the finest innovation in this segment in the kitchen. Perfeque from Graff and Grohe Blue® Pure from Grohe are great options to go for.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Grohe Blue® Pure from Grohe is a trendy kitchen faucet


For a seamless fit with your kitchen, hardware is an indispensable component of your kitchen.  You can choose from a range of hardware that appeals to you from contrasting, sleek and stylish, antique, monochrome, eclectic and neo-classic ones. Cabinets assume a moderate amount of space in your kitchen hence the need to keep it all in sync with the kitchen is a monumental task. Drawer knobs and pulls, appliance pulls, hinges, handles and out-of-the-box hardware are all essential components of the avant-garde kitchen. The latest innovation in this segment is the electrically operated system of opening drawers allowing smooth operation and easy accessibility.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Aventhos lift system from Hafele is a reliable, and safe kitchen hardware

Storage and Accessories:

Storage is an essential component in the kitchen since there are a lot of cook ware, knick knacks and food stuff to be stored or rather organised. With the latest options in the kitchen storage and accessories you can now store in style as well as save space. Functional themed storage units and elegant spice racks like the Spicario spice rack by Ideas are the latest trends to look for. Moreover, appliances are being integrated with storage units to avoid clutter. Hailo Cargo-Soft Pull Out Bin by Hafele is a complete smart waste bin system.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
The kitchen tower from Ebco is a great storage option to go for

The avant-garde kitchen is one that spells excellence in terms of the inclusion of technological innovation infused in its working and purely directed at making life easier. In the words of Mr. Alok Duggal, COO, Nolte Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd., “Functionality of storage units and appliances makes life easy of every modern kitchen user.”

Kitchen Trends 2017

Since the kitchen is now a space involving more than the activity of cooking, it has to be adequately decked up. Here, we list a few interesting design trends that are ruling the Kitchen currently!

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Amerock from Gunmetal gives a classic appeal to the kitchen

Industrial kitchen décor idea

Industrial decor involves the addition of such items of décor as salvaged objects and furnishings achieved through weathered surfaces, exposed concrete, brick and pipes and rustic, rough and strong mechanical look. You can pep up your kitchen space by adding dramatic elements like metallic, wooden and welded bowls and salt and pepper shakers made out of bulbs. These items will give the industrial edge to your kitchen.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Unique from Plusch bears testimony to the fact that black and grey are going to dominate in the kitchen

Mid Century Modern

The much talked about mid-century home décor is all about clear lines and simple designs with an informal inclination, tactfully integrated with nature and the concept of modernity. You can give your kitchen and dining area a complete makeover in the direction of mid-century modern design with copper utensils, unique coasters, wooden and metallic trays.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
A mid-century modern kitchen wherein the appliances are neatly tucked inside with well-planned storage spaces

Rustic and raw

The rustic and raw look of the kitchen always has a classic and timeless appeal. The old wood charm effect has a subtle appearance that never fails to mesmerise. You can create this awe-inspiring antique look for your kitchen by choosing wooden cabinets, wood veneer designs, faux-timber foil-wrapped doors and timber units with wooden work surfaces.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
The modular kitchen from Wurfel illustrates that colours add oodles of fun and style to the kitchen

Canvas of Colours

Colours can pep up any space with minimal efforts. The latest kitchen trend speaks of breaking stereotypes once and for all. Sky is the limit when you are experimenting with colours and textures. From distressed and textural colours like blues and greys to brighter hues of green, orange and red, colours promise to enliven any space.


Despite the new trends creating a rage, monochrome remains a classic choice for the kitchen. You can choose the safe options of black and white or a combination of the two, or even experiment with grey, brown and steel. You also have additional options of matte and gloss-finishes for the monochrome patterns.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Lights hanging from or mounted on the ceiling have an astounding impact in the kitchen

Lighting up amazingly

You may upgrade the entire décor of your kitchen by choosing some state-of -the-art lighting. Lamps made up of brass, wood, porcelain, stone, concrete, wrought iron, glass, mica, sea-shells, crystal, leather and paper are currently trending. Lights hanging from or mounted on the ceiling have an astounding impact in the kitchen. Wall lamps provide you the most contemporary lighting solutions that combine design with utility.

Technology in the Kitchen

Give your kitchen a true make-over with the latest appliances that will take the burden of cooking off your shoulders and make it a fun-filled endeavour that you would love to indulge yourself in. Smart appliances like smart ovens and coffee makers can now be managed from a distance with a mobile app. Sensors in the bins and storage sections in the refrigerators also have a distinct alerting system that predict your current stock levels and directly order groceries from e-tailers.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
The kitchen space may be extended with an island counter, a section of which can also be used for serving and dining

According to Mr. Wolf, Managing Director, Hafele India Pvt Ltd, “Modern homeowners have increasingly started viewing kitchens as a place for cultivating new socialization habits and pay as much attention to their design and technology as the rest of the house. With the changes in the design expectancy of contemporary kitchens, modern, sleek and technologically-advanced appliances are gaining popularity.  Customers are increasingly looking for smart appliances that can be seamlessly integrated into the overall kitchen design and can provide an experience that is almost recreational. Using the right kitchen appliances bring about panache, sophistication and above all great functionality to your daily chores. They augment flexibility, co-ordination within the kitchen and convert even the most mundane hours spent into the most effective and effortless hours of the day.”

Add stylish Knick knacks

Fine hand-made elegantly designed coasters and trivets, multipurpose table mats made of fabric that can store all your dining accessories, unique organizers to store cutlery, handcrafted aprons and mitts, colourful cookware, concrete and brass sculptures, runners and napkins in stunning designs and ceramic storage jars and shakers – adding these stylish knick-knacks will add oodles of style to the kitchen.

Extending It

The kitchen is no longer a room tucked away in a corner since the concept of open kitchen is dominating the home décor scenario. With this comes the necessity of choosing the right materials, cabinets, walls, lamps, hardware and accessories. The kitchen space may be extended with an island counter, a section of which can also be used for serving and dining. Bar stools and small tables with chair for counter-side dining are ideal furniture items that can be placed here.

Kitchen, Innovations, HR Johnson, Trends, Hafele, Mr. Wolf.
Brass and copper faucets and handles can give a timeless look to the kitchen

Go Green

A touch of green not only beautifies a space but also creates an impression of a healthy environment within the home space. Welcome green living by placing planters in your kitchen. You may choose a planter made from brass, ceramic, earthen or wooden planters, the hanging ones or the multi-coloured ones.

Choose to experiment with colours and patterns for the dining accessories, furniture and the walls as well and you will not help notice the bewildering transformation!


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