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Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath, sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
TP3 Comfort from Duravit comes with elegant design, curved edges and soft transitions that concentrate on comfort and hygiene

Inspiring Ideas, Upgrading Bathrooms 

We take you on a journey of the latest trends and innovations spotted at ISH-Frankfurt that are creating a rage in the bath and sanitary ware segment!

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
A minimalist bathroom design from Villeroy & Boch is an ideally spaced out bathroom

The bathroom is a space which is the most relaxing and comforting after the bedroom. This is what necessitates the need to re-invent the bath space with the best that design and technology has to offer. With state-of-the art innovations and amazing products evolving every day, the bathroom is today a key focus of the home scene. A multitude of brands have entered the bath and sanitary ware market today in India.

ISH, the world’s biggest exhibition for the combination of water and energy, took place from 14th to 18th March 2017 in Frankfurt, and showcased 2,482 exhibitors from 61 countries, including the leaders in the world-market who launched their latest products in the fair, thereby setting new trends for the bathroom and sanitary ware segment.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Essence from Grohe combines the exact edges of the basic with soft and organic touch

With the trend catching on, the latest bathroom fittings are something to watch out for. Technology has played an immense role as smart bathroom with automated functionalities with greater impetus on cleanliness, comfort, hygiene and personal well-being is the startling new idea!

The Bath Special issue of The Inside Track takes you on a journey of the latest trends innovations in the bathroom and sanitary ware segment. We bring to you inspiring ideas that can help you revamp your bathroom to a space that is eloquent in design, comfort, convenience and hygiene.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Bathroom furniture from Villeroy & Boch for the luxurious touch to the utility essentials

The Futuristic Bathroom
The bathroom of the future is what the world is seeking currently. It is essentially a relaxing space that has a subtle combination of design and technology. The futuristic bathroom space has evolved itself to be a precise and exacting solution of ergonomics and functionality combined with soft and organic levels of comfort and luxury.

The minimalist bathroom design continues to dominate the scenario with an ideally spaced out bathroom. The bathroom space is still divided and designed in accordance to three primary functional areas which are bathing, showering and using-the-toilet areas. A clear division of this kind sorts out the spacing problems in compliance with the needs of the customer and the design prospects of the professionals to create a harmonious and consistent design language for the bathroom.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Lamp Shower from Axor is a unique innovation

Bathroom Furniture
The requirement for bathroom furniture arises out of a true design inspired bathroom that adds the luxurious touch to the utility essentials such as cabinets, basin vanity units, wall hung storage units, organizers, accessories and plethora of other ‘store in style’ options. Additionally the bathroom stays free from clutter.

The most important aspect of accommodating bathroom furniture is considering the size of your bathroom space. A large bathroom space can have large sectional cabinets while a relatively smaller bathroom can be decked with smaller sized storage units. Nevertheless the prime goal should be to make the bathroom look organized and appealing. Another consideration for bathroom furniture is the personal style quotient which differs from one individual to another.

While one may prefer wall and basin cabinets, others would like to keep things simpler by keeping just one cabinet in a corner of the bathroom. You can choose from the high-gloss lacquered storage cabinets or the antique cabinets in wooden finish or even the user-friendly mirror cabinets.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Ambient, task and accent lighting are the dominating trends for lighting up the bath space

Rimless Sanitary Ware
The rimless technology introduced in the sanitary ware segment is a major breakthrough for it speaks volumes of the popularity of an improved sense of cleanliness and hygiene. The innovative rimless flushing technology exhibits impressive performance, efficiency and hygiene in toilets. The open design of the toilet rim enables an innovative flushing process that initiates a dynamic and powerful flow of water completely rinsing the inner surface of the bowl.

This innovation is directed at ensuring perfect and hygienic flushing results, even with smaller volumes of water. The open and easily accessible rim area keeps the bowl particularly clean and germ free, and reduces the cleaning time as well.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Neorest bathtub from TOTO is shaped to give the feeling of weightlessness

Hygiene Enhancing Glazing
The glazed surfaces which saw an happen to an innovation clearly directed at ensuring a cleaner, healthier and more user-friendly bathroom. Bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms foster in the toilet seats. To this end, glazed toilet seats have been known to counter 99 per cent bacterial growth on the toilet seat. The glazed toilet seats come as a boon and deliver the promise of a clean and hygienic toilet – the pre-requisite of a bathroom.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Vero Air Faucet from Duravit has an elegant overall look

Washlets are the latest innovation in the sanitation segment. They are being increasingly preferred all over the world because of the user-friendliness that they advocate amongst everything else. These shower toilet seats come with a series of essential functions.

They are easily installed, save energy with an integrated flow-heater and are cost-effective as well. Besides the standard versions of the washlets, you may choose from the ones that come with a heated seat, bidet wand, remote control – more high-end models might include UV light technology that kills bacteria and other cleansing functions to keep the luxury bathroom clean and fresh.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
TOTO Actilight actively fights waste and germs with Actilight technology

The bathroom space is today enlivened with astounding flooring patterns. High-gloss and large format ceramic tiles are providing a sensational look to the bathroom. You can also opt for a subtle and natural look with the wood patterned tiles; they can add the old wood warm endearing charm to the space effortlessly. If you seek an even more neutral look, you can also go for the stone tiles that are creating a buzz lately.

The wall patterns also have a similar striking effect on the overall look of the bathroom space. It is important to choose the perfect wall finish to complement the floors and to create the look that you desire at the same time. The metro tile or the subway tile can revamp your bathroom and give it a modern yet classic appeal. Concrete has become a not to be missed out trend with a minimal and industrial appearance, which can also be brightened with the lustrous metallic touch to the concrete walls.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Hansgrohe Raindance Overhead Shower combines generous surfaces and qualitymaterials with sophisticated water performance

You can also go for wall tiles with floral patterns, geometric prints, colourful tiles or even sleek black or classic white and neutral tiles. If you are in favour of the antique interior look, you may go for panelling on the walls to render a vintage touch to the bathroom. Wallpapers in prints and patterns as well as classic metallic and neutral tones also create an impactful look.

Lights are of utmost significance in any section of the home. No wonder lighting is a must-explore décor option as well. Whether you are seeking a high-end luxurious bathroom or a minimalistic bathroom, stylish lighting options can always rev up the look of your bath space. Ambient, task and accent lighting are the finest trends dominating the bathroom décor scenario.

You can choose a brilliant pendant lamp, a vanity light bar, floor lamps or bathroom ceiling lights. The latest trend in lighting up the bathroom  is the vanity mirror lamp which justifiably combines the mirror function with the prospect of lighting up the bathroom just where you need it most of all.

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Aquasymphony from Grohe is symbolic of the ultimate luxury in-home water experience

Direct and overhead lighting often is found to be uncomfortable. In order to avoid this, the bathroom is conveniently made with a taller ceiling with cantilever detailing or coves, wherein lights can be ideally fitted in to create a soothing impact in the bathroom. If you are particularly captivated by the rustic or industrial décor, nautical lights can help you keep up with the trend.

You may also consider placing dimmers to control the intensity of light in accordance to the personal needs. LEDs are the one of the best lighting options to go for as they are not only energy-saving and convenient, but also are durable and versatile. Additionally translucent lights can also be considered for the bathroom space as they can create a decorative yet an ambient aura in the bathroom.

Mirror is an indispensable part of a bathroom. Choosing a mirror that has an edgy appearance or a remarkable frame can intensify the impact of the bathroom.

A mirror in the bathroom should be strategically placed in terms of design, functionality and comfort. Mirror cabinets are amazing storage and mirror combinations and give a sleek look to your bathroom.

The mirror can be styled up in innumerable ways in the bathroom. You may consider placing two or three mirrors in a series, an unconventionally shaped mirror, mix and match with different sized similar shaped mirrors or mirrors with built-in lights that just add a luxurious touch to your bathroom!

Upgrading, bathroom, ISH-Frankfurt, bath,  sanitary ware, minimalism, futuristic.
Premium wallmounted washbasin from Axor offers the best in design and functionality

The latest bathroom trends from ISH 2017 speak of the bathroom as now more than a mere space meant just to serve its utility purpose, it is now a space to relax, refresh and re-energize oneself. Today it is as individual in terms of its functions and design as the people who plan them. People have been bestowed with the choice of realizing their own custom bathroom with the support of installers, bathroom planners and manufacturing industry.

With inspiring innovations and uniquely designed ideas and products that can be added to the bathroom, the time you spend here becomes a truly invigorating experience for you. Moreover, technology has gifted such brilliant innovations that not only improve the bathroom experience for you but also aid in conserving water. From showers, bathtubs, Jacuzzi, chromo lights and sounds, the new bathroom experience is one that is enriched with luxury and pampers you with all the amenities. Your dream bathroom is only a step away!


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