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Centauri (Toilet) - Alba (Basin)

Kerovit: Indian Identity, Global Vision

Kerovit believes in its Indian brand ethos and scaling with a multi-national attitude creating products that are value for money.

Centauri (Toilet) – Alba (Basin)

The Kajaria brand has become synonymous with innovation and customer satisfaction. Having evolved into a household name for tiling solutions, a few years ago it launched its in-house brand in sanitary ware – Kerovit.
The Kerovit’s product portfolio is designed to cater to the aspirations of the discerning buyer by providing them with stylish, classic, innovative yet economical bath solutions.

In an exclusive interview with The Inside Track, Mr. Rishi Kajaria, Joint Managing Director Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. talked about ‘the brand’ Kerovit and how it is gaining momentum..

Mr. Rishi Kajaria, Joint Managing Director, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

The Kerovit brand is relatively new in the market, what has been its growth trajectory?

From the early days of setting up the distribution of Kerovit a few years ago, today Kerovit products are available pan India with a sizeable team servicing the needs of our partner dealers. To help distribution we have opened our own dedicated Kerovit Display Centre where the entire range of our products are on display. There are 19 of these state-of-the-art showrooms where dealers can bring in their customers and experience the entire range of Kerovit.

Hydrus Plus (Faucet) – Topaz

In which geographies is Kerovit currently available?

Kerovit has its distribution in all state capitals as well as metro cities. We also have a presence in other emerging centres like Vijaywada, Siliguri, Indore, Bhopal. We expect to grow our distribution even further to smaller centres in 2019.

We look forward to sharing our success jointly with our dealer network. We provide them a geography to operate and grow their sales fortunes. We have on going supplies to the largest builders in the country for their marquee projects which is a further validation of the Kerovit success story.


How is the market responding to Kerovit Products?

We are a new player in this category and we have already captured a significant share which makes us serious competition. Today we produce both sanitary ware and bath fittings. Three years ago we commissioned our bath fitting plant at Bhiwadi where we produce products which as are at par with the best bath fittings made by MNCs anywhere in the world. This makes the Kerovit brand serious competition!

What has been your product strategy?

We produce products based on market needs and demands. We do not believe in creating outlandish designs that are temporary and gimicky, instead our design team delivers classic and timeless products and solutions. We produce global benchmarked products at Indian prices.

We have done large scale technical upgradations with both sanitaryware and faucet. Some of these include two stroke cartridges, water conservation efforts, extra large showers, jointless tall boy faucet, etc.. We have complete bathroom solutions across our range. Our customers do not need to mix and match products as we offer a complete and unified solution in our range.


What are some of the challenges in the marketplace? How do you see the brand consolidating?

Challenges in terms of the fittings segment is much higher. When it comes to faucet and showers customers are more discerning. It is our effort to prove ourselves with these customers and provide the best product solutions.

What have been some of the new products launched by Kerovit?

Today there are automated seats and smart wash solutions which are gaining increasing popularity.
Some brands have priced these products out of the reach of the market, however we at Kerovit have introduced a WC with a Smart Wash at Rs. 40,000 and we have created this indigenously.

This product is state-of-the-art and comes with a seat warmer, multiple washing modes and very easy maintenance, service back up and warranty.

We have a keen eye on the future needs of the market and our inhouse design team is constantly looking at emerging trends. We take our research efforts very seriously and are constantly looking for areas of product improvement and fulfilling customer needs. Kerovit does not believe in adopting outdated technologies, but future proof and proven technologies.


How are you engaging customers and the trade?

We recently have launched a campaign with actress Anushka Sharma which did a lot for brand awareness for Kerovit. We also have a deep focus on digital marketing. We build on our very strong relationship with dealers with various point of sale displays and merchandise as well as organise architect meets, plumber meets and visits to our manufacturing plants.

Kajaria, our parent brand, has an enormous dealer network and we are looking at onboarding and further cementing our relations with this deep network. We have a long way to go to fully optimise these long standing relationships.

What positioning do you have in mind for Kerovit?

Kerovit is an Indian brand with a multinational attitude with products that are value for money. This is a winning combination for many reasons. Kerovit is today a mass brand. We appeal to the large majority of customers.

However, in the future we have plans to create product segmentation, especially in the bath fittings space to be even more targeted to the needs of our discerning customers.



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