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New Design Directions

2017 promises to be a year filled with dark shades, mixed patterns, eclectic designs, and innovative products – all with unexpected twists.

Designing a house, office or any space has always been a cumbersome task due to the whole lot of planning and effort that it requires. Right from the selection of materials, to the designing of the products to their placement, every minute detail has to be taken utmost care of.  With this, it is imperative to keep up with the latest trends which offer an exquisite look to your space. Though a few products and concepts have always been synonymous with home décor designing, there are design trends which have evolved over time and have become a rage in the ever-growing concept of home designing.

While 2016 was largely a year of pastel hues, geometric designs, marble accents and stainless steel products, 2017 is based on the paradigms of freshness and innovation in design. Here we present you with a list of products, materials and trends which are poised to take the centre stage this year.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Upholstered Bed setting in a house designed by Noorein Jumani

Upholstered Beds

This is a common trend in celebrity abodes and luxury resorts. It is high time you update the boring beds in your house with plush upholstered beds. Giving the room a luxurious and soft feel, upholstered beds are slowly replacing timber bed frames as they not only provide you with comfort but also give your bedroom a classic and elegant look. Talking about the trend of upholstered beds, designer Kunal Mehta of Kanchi by Shobhna & Kunal Mehta says, “Nowadays, the bedroom is not just a space for sleeping. If the room is large enough, then one can create a sanctuary for relaxation and private time.

Upholstered beds are making quite a statement today. They come with a comfortable head-stand which also adds a timeless and dynamic appeal to your space. Also, neutrals tones have become exceedingly trendy. Since upholstery can be designed in lighter neutral fabrics (instead of dark tints as wooden dark tint, brown cherry, or deep espresso finish), lighter-coloured upholstered beds and headboards can make a small room feel warmer, brighter and less cluttered.”

Open Plan Living

It is all about going back to the good old times when the concept of living was dominated by the ideals of simplicity. The concept of open living is expected to be in vogue this season. Defining the concept of open plan living Priya Lakhotia Shah of Chicago Studio says, “Open-plan living is an expression as a whole to know and is something a significant number endeavour to accomplish. Having the capacity to augment the floor space in our homes without bargaining on the common sense, is something that can be accomplished in even the littlest of spaces. While there can be a couple drawbacks to open-plan living, if arranged effectively, then open-plan living can be an awesome approach to get the most out of your home”.


For indoor lighting, chandeliers, hanging lamps and pendant lamps are in vogue in 2017. These lamps guarantee a pleasing accent to your living space and refresh the look of your home like never before. Floor lamps are also expected to be in trend this year as they are ideal for decorating living as well as work spaces.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Copper products by Rayden Design Studio

Copper Products

Shiny in appearance and beneficial for health, copper products slowly are to replace stainless steel utensils in the kitchen. Though, not for cooking food, but for drinking water from copper vessels is said to be beneficial for the body due to its anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, copper is slowly replacing other décor items as such products add a natural touch to the concept of healthy living.

‘We feel there is a growing trend for using pure materials like – copper, stone etc. which bring the beauty and purity of the material to our everyday objects. We not only see a growing number of designers using them but they also they seem to be hitting a chord with the consumers,’ says Parul and Mooshir Vahanvati of Rayden Design Studio which deals in the production of an array of copper and ceramic products.


Concrete gives a bold and industrial look to any space, therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular in chic interior designs. This material is the right choice for furniture, appliances, wall furnishings and décor products for a classy appearance. Increasingly, concrete as a material is extensively used in combination with other materials like wood and steel to create an innate juxtaposition of functional accessories that are eye-catching, beautiful and functional. Interestingly, Gomaads is one such product design studio in India that designs life style products sculpted in concrete.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Tea Light Candle Holders by Gomaads add class and elegance to home decor


Marble has the amazing advantages of cooling and durability besides the promise of class and sophistication. It is expected to have a wonderful comeback by incorporating itself with such products as flooring, surface of tables and home accessories like serving platters and decorative vases.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Colours like mineral grey, earthly grey with green understones make an excellent backdrop for layering and showcasing says Architect Kavan Shah


The colour of a space reflects the owner’s personality; hence, accentuating your room with the right colour is of utmost importance. A riot of colours is expected to dominate the scene inb 2017. “A palette mixed with mysterious earthly colours and deep jewel tones like Mineral grey, earthly grey with green undertones, antiqued aqua, coral.

These colours make an excellent backdrop for layering and to showcase other colours in accessories. A palette of sophisticated neutrals have the quality to subtly change in different light conditions, giving a greater flexibility on how a space looks and feels at any given time”, says Architect Kavan Shah of Kavan Shah Design Studio.


Escapism, abstract and ambiguity will become increasingly popular extending to cover such prospects of design as tiling, roofing, furniture and furnishings. Besides this, bold prints and pop art will also duly make its presence felt.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
A Low-emissivity glass is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat from escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors


Glass is one of the most popular and essential building materials used today. A Low-emissivity glass is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat from escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors. The glass has a transparent metallic coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows.

At the same time, it allows free heat and light from the sun, which is known as passive solar heat gain to pass through the glass, warming your home and further contributing to the energy-efficiency of the facades. Brands like Saint Gobain and Asahi India deal in selling low-e-glasses in India.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Pendant lamps are set to be in trend in 2017

Black Stainless Steel

Instead of the gleaming stainless steel appliances, black polished stainless steel appliances are going to make their way in your kitchen as slowly they finish as a softer, warmer alternative to traditional stainless steel. Black stainless steel is less reflective with more of a matte look and feel.  Kitchen Aid’s premium range of black stainless steel appliances includes a wide range of refrigerators, oven and other kitchen ware. The black stainless suite fits with any modern or classic kitchen layout, while taking your entire décor design up a notch.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Terracotta gives a welcoming, timeless and environment-friendly advantages, says Urvi Shah of Urvi Shah Associates

Terracotta Tiles

This year will witness the influx of natural and sustainable materials like Terracotta tiles. A great way to add charm and personality to your homes, Terracotta tiles can enhance the look of any space. Talking about the use of Terracotta tiles, designer Urvi Shah of Urvi Shah Associates says that in contemporary architectural practice, people are looking at using more timeless and sustainable materials which give an excellent look to any space.

Terracotta means ‘Fired Earth ‘It is durable, sustainable, fireproof, strong and can be moulded into virtually in any shape and is also available in a variety of designs, colors and finishes.

Terracotta is an ancient material that was used in art and sculpture earlier and later on  in bricks and roof tiles. More recently terracotta has been appearing in contemporary design, being used as tiles on both interior/exterior either as floor, wall or roof tile or for new purpose like screens to deflect sunlight in hot climates. It gives a very classic appeal and can make any kind of building feel welcoming, timeless and also environment friendly.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Aquasense shower by Graff

Banana Fibre Paper

Another move towards sustainability in design would be the use of banana fibre paper, dyed and woven on a handloom. The lighting products from Purple Turtle ideally illustrate this wonderful venture. Multipurpose Banana fiber is spread all across the world and has countless applications. It has its own physical and chemical characteristics that makes it a fine quality fiber.

Talking of using banana fibre paper in the products, Radeesh Shetty, the owner of Purple Turtle says, “The paper we make in our studio is used to make a range of lights, stationery and home accessories. It has the long silky fibers from the trunk of the banana tree. The inherent strength and beauty of the paper it produces , is a delight to work with. With light it’s sheer poetry. It seems to invite the light in and envelope it with warmth and sensuality. The magic of paper and light lies in the eloquence of shadows. We have created interesting pieces with shadows, both, within the paper, using various wet and dry techniques, and in the design of the lamps, books and accessories”.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Doodhwala Planter by PoppadumArt


Another approach to sustainability would be renderinging the ‘green’ touch to homes, living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and even workplaces. Colourful and beautifully designed planters will occupy a place everywhere, “Plants can add life to any part of the home instantly. You don’t even need to choose flowering plants, just the greens can bring ample warmth to a room.

A palm at the corner of your bedroom, hanging planters in the living space to add some drama or just a small planter on your coffee table – plants are the easiest way to style any space. They’re also a great way to break monotony and bring some freshness. Put them to break the space on a book shelf or on a bathroom window and you will not help notice the difference it makes,” says Saanwari, Founder-CEO of PoppadumArt.

Trends, Upcoming, Design, Spaces, Colour.
Washlets: For the new levels of comfort and cleanliness


Designed to provide new levels of comfort and cleanliness, Toto’s signature product Washlet created quite a buzz with its ear cleansing, dryer and a heated seat function. The Washlet is an electronic bidet seat that cleanses you with warm water after toileting and provides an exceptionally clean feeling.

Washlets  are specifically designed to give you a more hygienic, eco-friendly and hassle-free experience. With advancement in trade practices, selling technological products online has become a trend and is assumed to dominate the scenario in 2017.

Trend of selling technological products onlineTalking about selling technological products online, Ms. Emanuela Tavolini, Director of Sales Europe, Graff for your kind perusal says, “Graff technological products offer a full sensorial experience. With chromotherapy, music and several different shower jets, the best way to appreciate these products is to view and test them inside the showrooms. For this reason Graff promotes the ‘in-store’ experience of products more than on-line selling.”

We look forward to 2017 with bated breath expecting innovation in design and excellence in performance!

By Sneha Lukka & Anindita Ganguly


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