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Technoraill, Glass Railing systems, non-welded assemblies, Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Maruti Hardware.

Emerging With Technoraill

Technoraill has undergone innovation and integration with respect to current market trends. Technoraill manufactures high quality Balustrades, Handrails, Glass Railing systems and non-welded assemblies. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Director, Maruti Architectural Products Pvt Ltd, Surat, who gave us an insight into the Indian railing and balustrade industry. What are the …

Jos Sanitary Agencies, Mr. K J Thomas, Edappally, Cochin, Customer Oriented.

Emphasis On After-Sales Services

We adhere to the business motto of “Customer Oriented, Organized Management and Faithful Operation”. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. K J Thomas, Managing Partner of Jos Sanitary Agencies, who gave valuable insights into the demand for bathroom and sanitary ware brands and the upcoming trends that will dominate the segment in the upcoming year. …

Kich Railings, aesthetic, modular components, i-mark, Reliable, KlearView.

Kich Railings: Transforming Spaces

Kich Railings are remarkable for their stunning aesthetics and excellent quality. A conversation with Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director of Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd, gives us an insight into the Railing Systems from Kich. What kind of Railings do you provide? What are the materials used? Kich Railings are a visual delight and solid …

PAG, Pradeep Kainya, railings, aluminium, stainless steel, iron.

The PAG Way

PAG International customizes according to the needs of the buyer. PAG International is a renowned supplier of a wide range of hardware and fitting components. They specialize in railings of all kinds. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Pradeep Kainya, Managing Director of PAG International Pvt. Ltd to gain an insight on the railings from …

H&R Johnson, Industrial tiles, Elite Collection, Johnson Bathrooms, Pankaj Sharma.

Leading With Social Responsibility: H&R Johnson

A pioneer in the tile segment, H&R Johnson transforms spaces with its exclusive range of products. H&R Johnson is the pioneer in the tile and sanitary ware segment as well as a leader in the Industrial tiles vertical which includes high performance tiles, alkali resistant tiles, anti-static tiles and scratch free ties. The Inside Track …

Vishal Agarwal, Lovely Sanitations, Jalandhar, customer requirement, bath fittings, sanitary ware.

Customer Satisfaction Is Ultimate

“Quality control and meeting the requirement of our customers is a priority”. Lovely Sanitations is a dealer in tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Vishal Agarwal, Director of Lovely Sanitations, Jalandhar, who gave us valuable insights into the demand for popular bathroom and sanitary ware brands and emerging trends …

Ozone Overseas, Amit Sehgal, home automation, Sensor, cost effective.

Customer Satisfaction Is The Focus 

Ozone is committed to bring best quality products with technological edge and superior aesthetics. Ozone Overseas, an integral part of Ozone Enterprise group, is the leading player in Architectural Hardware industry. With a striking global presence and recognition, the company constantly strives to provide innovative hardware solutions for architects, builders, specifiers and home owners. The …

Featherlite, Manohar Gopal, branded furniture, EDGE, emerging workspaces.

Featherlite: Innovating Excellence

Featherlite seeks to constantly innovate and launch new products which are ahead of the design curve. Featherlite is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in India. It is a complete office furniture solution for all segments of market. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Manohar Gopal, Director of Featherlite to get an insight on …

Deep Traders, Sanjeev Kakkar, New Delhi, Complete bathroom solutions, innovations, sanitary ware.

Complete Bathroom Solutions In Demand

Innovations in product design in the sanitary ware segment can be a trend in the upcoming year. Deep Traders in New Delhi deals in tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Sanjeev Kakkar, Director of Deep Traders who gave us his invaluable insight into the demand for popular bathroom and …

PaGo, sanitary ware, Lalitha Kannapan, mix and match, dry bathroom, high-end.

Mix ‘N’ Match Rules

Instead of the complete bath solutions, mix and match is what customers are opting for. High-end bathrooms are being increasingly advocated in the sanitary ware segment. PaGo provides kitchen and bathroom solutions by supplying units, appliances and furniture, striving to bring luxurious living aspirations to life. The Inside Track speaks to Mrs. Lalitha Kannappan, Director …