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Scarlet Splendour

Kolkata-based Scarlet Splendour creates design symphonies through collaborations with talented designers and showsases a touch of whimsy with its collection of furniture and lighting. With an oeuvre of fabulous fantastical objects, artworks, and furniture, Scarlet Splendour, a Kolkata-based globally recognised brand, constantly challenges the status quo in design. The company collaborates and commissions talented designers …



Ahmedabad’s boutique carpentry studio, StudioWorks artfully integrates India’s indigenous craft in their collections, and articulates their passion for good design through insightful explorations. Overriding the extremes of stiff pragmatism and poorly devised idiosyncrasies in furniture design, StudioWorks, an Ahmedabad-based furniture studio, strives to achieve a balanced exploration of form, function and materials in their collections. …



Tiipoi, a London-based brand with operational studios in London and Bangalore, crafts products not just with a bid to invoke a sense of nostalgia but to present the unknown and unappreciated designs and materials of India. Rather than keeping with design trends, Tiipoi, chooses to highlight existing and often ignored indigenous design concepts and techniques …


SpaceTale Design

Spacetale Design, a Kolkata based furniture studio spins memorable tales through their bespoke furniture pieces. Headed by designers Subi Suman and Poulami Biswas, SpaceTale, a Kolkata based furniture studio, crafts unique yet perfectly functional furniture pieces that blend the precision and beauty of Indian craftsmanship with their contemporary designs. The emphasis is on allowing the …


Solid Bench

Highlighting the beautiful imperections of wood, Solid Bench, a carpentry boutique, venerates woodworking skills. Emulating the reigning trends of slow fashion and slow-food, Solid Bench, a boutique carpentry studio in NCR, India, approaches woodworking by stressing on processes and resources. Hailing from engineering and management background, the founders Anant Khirbat and Jitesh Sharma, celebrate wood, …


A Cube Inc.

Experiential bespoke collections of A Cube Inc. uphold high standards for craftsmanship with their timeless aesthetic and stand against forces of fast design. Moving beyond function and visual aesthetics, Anand and Anuj Ambalal of A Cube Inc., strive to offer a holistic sensorial experience through their carefully crafted products. Environmental concerns run in the grain …


Crafting With Love

TOWITHFROM combines artisanal heritage with modern aesthetics to design products that match the urban consumers’ sensibilities. With a bevy of product designers entering the Indian market, it’s become extremely crucial to uphold not just factors like function and aesthetics in design, but also the profession should now focus on instrumentality as designers in becoming agents …


Combining Realism With Emotion

L.N.Tallur a craftsman but also a philosopher, asks us to be conscious, curious viewers. LN.Tallur, born in 1971, is an international visual artist who spent his early years growing up in a rural community of Karnataka. His education in art began with an M.A. degree in Contemporary Fine Art Practice from India. Next was an …


Stress Free

Foam Home aids our sleeping patterns with their award winning mattresses which are the need in today’s stress induced world. In the fast paced world of hectic routines, fitness regimes and medical issues, our sleep is the one natural thing that can determine our efficiency. We get into a conversation with Sabina Bhanpurwala of Foam …


Heat & Plumb

Renowned producers of plumbing and heating installation technologies, Viega is creating new innovations for consumers every day. Ms. Anna Viegener – Chief Strategy Officer and Viega Shareholder gets conversational with The Inside Track about Viega, leading producers of plumbing and heating. Please tell us a little bit about Viega. Viega, a family owned international manufacturer …