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A Cube Inc.

Experiential bespoke collections of A Cube Inc. uphold high standards for craftsmanship with their timeless aesthetic and stand against forces of fast design. Moving beyond function and visual aesthetics, Anand and Anuj Ambalal of A Cube Inc., strive to offer a holistic sensorial experience through their carefully crafted products. Environmental concerns run in the grain …


Crafting With Love

TOWITHFROM combines artisanal heritage with modern aesthetics to design products that match the urban consumers’ sensibilities. With a bevy of product designers entering the Indian market, it’s become extremely crucial to uphold not just factors like function and aesthetics in design, but also the profession should now focus on instrumentality as designers in becoming agents …


Combining Realism With Emotion

L.N.Tallur a craftsman but also a philosopher, asks us to be conscious, curious viewers. LN.Tallur, born in 1971, is an international visual artist who spent his early years growing up in a rural community of Karnataka. His education in art began with an M.A. degree in Contemporary Fine Art Practice from India. Next was an …


Stress Free

Foam Home aids our sleeping patterns with their award winning mattresses which are the need in today’s stress induced world. In the fast paced world of hectic routines, fitness regimes and medical issues, our sleep is the one natural thing that can determine our efficiency. We get into a conversation with Sabina Bhanpurwala of Foam …


Heat & Plumb

Renowned producers of plumbing and heating installation technologies, Viega is creating new innovations for consumers every day. Ms. Anna Viegener – Chief Strategy Officer and Viega Shareholder gets conversational with The Inside Track about Viega, leading producers of plumbing and heating. Please tell us a little bit about Viega. Viega, a family owned international manufacturer …


Client Turns Designer

A new concept which allows the client to conceptualise as well as execute their own interior design requirements. With the vision of simplifying ever growing complications of the interior design world, Mr. Yash Kela, Founder at Arrivae, gets into a tête-à-tête with The Inside Track about his ideas that can develop this profession furthermore to …



Leonie Mir has successfully organized UN/Breakable, the first-of-its-kind ceramics auction at Christie’s in London. Primarily an auction house, Christie’s, whose reputation precedes itself, sources, values, sells, and buys exclusive art pieces from all over the world and provides them to the collectors and connoisseurs of art. Leonie Mir, senior specialist and director at the post-war …


Crafting Excellence

REHAU offers innovative options for polymer-based solutions in the construction & automotive industry. Founded in the Bavarian town in 1948, REHAU is a German based company dedicated to beautify and enrich homes with innovative choices. We at The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, South East Asia, who gave us an insight into …


Vertically Integrated

Graff proves to be the benchmark brand in the market by focusing on quality and cutting-edge designs. In the highly competitive bath industry, Ms Emanuela Tavolini, Director of Sales, Europe, explains how they stay ahead of  the competition. When and where did Graff originate? Graff is part of the Meridian International Group, located U.S.A. Since …


A Classic Tale

Classic Marbles engages with The Inside Track on what makes them the leading suppliers in the surface industry. Time and again, Classic Marbles has proved itself to being one of the leading pioneers in the industry. Let’s hear from Mr. Amit Shah, M.D about the journey from its inception till today. Could you tell us …