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Of Today And The Future

BSH ensures the smooth functioning of our daily lifestyle by providing updated and appealing kitchen appliances. With an exemplary approach to creating appliances that simplify our everyday lives, Mr. Gunjan Srivastava speaks to The Inside Track about his brand BSH, the products they offer and his vision for the future years to come. How did …


Luxury Kitchens

Plüsch redefines luxury kitchen solutions in plumb with ergonomic and aesthetic balances. The director of Plüsch,(a coagulation of three luxurious brands under one)Ms.Sukriti Sharma, gives us a little insight on today’s kitchen trends and how Plüsch caters to customers. When was Plüsch founded and by whom? Give us a brief of your company. Founded by …


Go Green…Vertically!

Low-maintenance ‘gardens’ created in small spaces cleverly using the heights instead of cluttering the widths. Griin In is a company based in Pune and Mumbai, specialising in these gorgeous ‘vertical gardens’ made of 100% organic products to ensure nature-friendliness and sustainability. Mr. Sujit Jain is the founder and brains behind this much needed go-green initiative. …


Every Floor Tells A Story

Bharat Floorings provides a blend of handcrafted heritage and contemporary floorings resulting in being your one-stop-shop for all flooring needs. harat Floorings is a Mumbai based company which aims at complete client satisfaction by offering custom made flooring products and exclusive services. Could you tell us about your business? Bharat Floorings and Tiles (BFT), a …


Redifining Outdoor Floor Aesthetics!

A leading brand of elegant pavements in India, Disha Ecoloc Pavers, has been delivering quality products with unsurpassed finish and textures. Striking, durable and environment friendly, Disha Ecoloc Pavers leads you towards an ecological balance. A leading brand of elegant pavements with offices in Nagpur and Mumbai, it has emerged as a choice of aesthetic …

Mirage Ceramics, Mr. Ronit Khadilkar, GVT, PGVT, Metallic Tiles, Crystal Glaze, Quality, Design, Perfection.

Quality, Design And Perfection

“Mirage plans to stay ahead by always making new and innovative products.” Mirage Ceramics, a pioneer of vitrified tiles manufacturing in India, is a dynamic business house that has evolved over two decades. A conversation with Mr. Ronit Khadilkar, Executive Director Mirage Ceramics, gave us a wonderful insight into the innovative ideology of the brand. …

Bharat Floorings, Mr. Firdaus Variava, Heritage tiles, Unity in Diversity, BFT+ Range, Micro cement.

Every Floor Tell a Story

The Bharat Floorings Group is the undisputed leader in quality cement floorings in India. Over the decades Bharat Floorings has laid some of the best-known floors in India’s landmark buildings. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Firdaus Variava, Vice Chairman, Bharat Flooring to better understand the brand’s strategy and the scope and growth of specialised …

Canadian wood, Mr Pranesh Chhibber, Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., British Columbia, Yellow cedar.

Go Sustainable With Canadian Wood

Canadian wood, harvested from sustainable sources has become a credible option that fulfils gaps in the Indian market. Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is the Crown provincial agency charged with maintaining and expanding markets for B.C. forest products. The wood from Canadian Wood is certified, assures quality and adopts proper manufacturing practices apart from being one …

Yantra, Euro Groove, Mr. Nikhil Daswani, sound resistance, Windows, Railings, Skylights, Rolling Shutters, Solutions for Mosquito Mesh, Eco Friendly, Customer satisfaction.

Yantra: Right Fenestration Solutions

Yantra designs its products with utmost precision keeping in mind the end user. Yantra offers technically benchmark, time tested, certified aluminium window systems based on Euro Groove open window systems. Yantra Aluminium Window System is proposed and supported by a team of qualified professionals dedicated and determined to provide right window solutions keeping in mind …

FunderMax, Dr Prashanth Reddy, facades, Versatility, Optimal light fastness, double hardening, Heat resistant, scratch resistant.

FunderMax: Striving To Lead

FunderMax is the leading player in the High Pressure Laminate industry for cladding materials in India. FunderMax stands at the interface between ideas and materials for facades, furniture as well as interior fittings. Dr Prashanth Reddy, Managing Director, FunderMax India acquainted us with the India’s evolving market for facades and how FunderMax is increasingly contributing …