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Monier, Roofing solutions, tiles, innovation
Elabana Vintage Orange tiles used at Grand Hyatt,Goa

Aesthetic Roofing Solutions

Managing Director of Monier India, Mr. Ashok Ninan talks to us about the emerging trends in the roofing segment of India.

Monier, Roofing solutions, tiles, innovation.
Mr. Ashok Ninan, Managing Director

Brass Monier Building Group is one of the leading roofing companies worldwide offering an array of roofing solutions, products and technical guidance to customers all over the world. With offices in 33 countries, continental technical centres and over 100 manufacturing facilities, the brand made its entry into the Indian market in 1997 and since then has been one of the leading names in the roofing segment of the country. Turning every roof into a masterpiece, Ashok Ninan, Managing Director, Monier India talks to us about the emerging trends in the roofing segment of India.

What are the emerging trends in the roofing segment in India?

Over the last few years, with easy access and use of internet, people have started to research about the products that they intend to buy. And with internet being a place which constantly updates us with all the latest offerings, we as a company too try to keep our customers happy by introducing them to all the latest roofing products that are slowly creating a niche for itself.

As people’s housing style is evolving so is the roofing segment as they are now gradually opting more for flat roofing tiles in comparison to the traditional curvy roof ones. Also, in terms of colour, more people are now opting for subtle colours like grey or a combination of grey.

Monier, Roofing solutions, tiles, innovation

What kind of roofing accessories do you provide?

We, at Monier, always believe that providing our customers with proper roofing solutions is of utmost importance. We not only provide the roofing tiles but also complete roofing solutions that complement the durability and effectiveness of the tiles. Our product range consists of Plano and Elabana range of concrete roof tiles and Roman12, Plana and Coloroof Plus II clay roof tiles, while our roofing components provide roof ventilation, waterproofing and protection against heat and bring in the natural light.

We have Underlays products like Veltisun® which is laid under the tiles to reduce the effect to the heat and make the roof watertight. Our other product Skylight is a transparent tile which reflects natural light inside the house. Currently, one product that is receiving maximum appreciation is the Rainwater Gutter system which is a critical component for roofs to channel the rain water from the roof to a desired location.

Monier, Roofing solutions, tiles, innovation
Coloroof Plus II – Maroon

How is Monier competing with other Indian and International brands?

Times are tough, but having almost 100 years of experience globally and being in the Indian market for almost 20 years, and with strong technical support makes us stand out amongst the rest. Our basics are very strong and we have a good after sales service which lets us keep upper hand in the business.

Though, there are many other roofing companies coming in, what makes us different is the quality of tiles we produce, the multiple tile profiles that we have to offer to our customers and a huge production capacity in India.

Monier, Roofing solutions, tiles, innovation
Plano – Special-dark-grey

What do you think is missing in the current roofing segment in India? How do you think you can improve it?

In India, currently what’s missing is the availability of professional roofers who are well-known with the art of laying good products. So we at Monier understand this and have a team of technical experts who guide roofers and organize special workshops for them to understand the aesthetics, innovation and performance of the whole roof setting system.

Monier, Roofing solutions, tiles, innovation
Luxron – uPVC rainwater gutter system

In the next five years, where do you see the brand?

I see in the future, Monier brand is going to be stronger. We are looking to expand our business across India and having a pan-India presence.

Monier Roofing Pvt. Ltd.,
143/ C3, Bommasandra
Industrial Area, Phase 1,
Bangalore 560099.
tel: 080 41268116/7
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