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Technoraill, Glass Railing systems, non-welded assemblies, Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Maruti Hardware.

Emerging With Technoraill

Technoraill has undergone innovation and integration with respect to current market trends.

Technoraill manufactures high quality Balustrades, Handrails, Glass Railing systems and non-welded assemblies. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Director, Maruti Architectural Products Pvt Ltd, Surat, who gave us an insight into the Indian railing and balustrade industry.

Technoraill, Glass Railing systems, non-welded assemblies, Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Maruti Hardware.
Mr. Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Director, Maruti Hardware

What are the emerging trends in the Indian railing industry? 

Nowadays glass railings are picking up in the market. Stainless steel railings are also gaining popularity. Customers prefer 304 and 316 railing systems in various designs. Technoraill railing systems has undergone various innovations and integrates new designs with respect to current market trends. Our major focus is to provide Stainless steel (304 & 316 grade) balustrade railing systems and frameless railing system with aesthetic and utility value.

Stainless steel balustrade come in a variety of shapes and can be integrated with glass to create a unique look for decorating interior and exterior of a building. Section balustrade is also used for building decoration. We do our best to stay updated with latest industry trends, rules and regulations as well as product information.  Our priority is to educate our customers and ensure our products are the finest and safest quality within the industry.

How does Technoraill meet the aesthetic design requirements, durability and quality standards that are an inseparable aspect of railing systems?

Our quality manufacturing facility and latest technology make us successful. Technological advancements have provided us more time to improve service and competitiveness. Our machinery is one of the many things we pride ourselves on.

What do you think is missing in the current segment? How do you plan to improve it?

In India the railing industry is not organised. We are improving the railing industry and working towards making it an organised segment, with strong technical infrastructure and superior craftsmen.

Our systems and products are cost-effective, as our machinery has the ability to mass-produce and ensure consistent quality standards.

We manufacture and maintain sizes of all the parts as per international norms. We also provide customized solutions to satisfy the needs of architects, interiors and bulk quantity projects. Safety and style are kept in our mind while designing the railing system.

Technoraill, Glass Railing systems, non-welded assemblies, Shyam Kishor Chanasana, Maruti Hardware.

What innovations can we look forward to in railing systems from Technoraill in the near future?

Technoraill has a wide range of stainless steel and aluminum railing system available in top mount, side mount and concealed fittings. Our custom railing systems include stainless steel and combination of glass with stainless steel, this combination creates a clean, modern and striking finished product and an aluminum railing systems, such as frameless glass railings provide security and style to outdoor walkways, patios and decks.

Stainless steel and aluminum railings can be customized for specific architectural designs with a solution that best suits the style of your home and building. Our products are developed keeping in view their applications in hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, malls, airports and railway stations and houses.

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