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Bharat Floorings, Mr. Firdaus Variava, Heritage tiles, Unity in Diversity, BFT+ Range, Micro cement.

Every Floor Tell a Story

The Bharat Floorings Group is the undisputed leader in quality cement floorings in India.

Over the decades Bharat Floorings has laid some of the best-known floors in India’s landmark buildings. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Firdaus Variava, Vice Chairman, Bharat Flooring to better understand the brand’s strategy and the scope and growth of specialised flooring solutions in India.

Bharat Floorings, Mr. Firdaus Variava, Heritage tiles, Unity in Diversity, BFT+ Range, Micro cement.
Mr. Firdaus Variava, Vice Chairman, Bharat Flooring

What makes Bharat Flooring unique?

In our experience, quality and integrity have always been greatly complemented by imagination and innovation. Every floor that we envision and design is not just about another home, institution or any other space floored successfully. It is about our constant search for beauty, grace, meaning and an idea.

We specialise in Heritage tiles. Every state in India, every community in every direction of the country has its own idiosyncrasies, which is fascinating. Embodying this characteristic and keeping in mind the speciality of each state we have introduced the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ series. Each state’s speciality has been entwined into the designs to stand for what India truly represents: Unity in Diversity.

What accounts for your increasing popularity?

Our production is not massive; it’s more about passion and enjoying making something beautiful Every Floor Tell a Story i.e. each floor has its own unique look.

The tiles can be customised to virtually any design that the client has in mind. Furthermore, the tile colours can be varied as needed to match with the decor of the establishment. Like all Bharat Flooring products, the tiles are extremely durable and can take a large amount of footfalls with ease. This keeps them looking like new even over a period of many years. The long life cycle of the product makes them popular for those users who do not want to change their floor again and again.

Bharat Floorings, Mr. Firdaus Variava, Heritage tiles, Unity in Diversity, BFT+ Range, Micro cement.

What steps has Bharat Floorings taken towards a sustainable future?

We tie up with a couple of designers every year for launching new trendy and designer products. We brought BFT+ Range which is collaboration with young and visionary designers to create art. Also, we are constantly bringing in new flooring ideas which are at par with International standards.

We provide a blend of handcrafted heritage and contemporary floorings; we continue to be a one-stop supplier of design, installation, production & maintenance solutions which convert customer aspirations into reality.

What are the new, innovative or game changing products recently released by Bharat Floorings?

New products are Made in India Range, Micro cement, Extra Large Please- for bigger spaces, Aranya- Inspired by nature in motion, and Shatkona – Hexagonal wall claddings. Next in line, we would be developing tiles with talented designers.

What is the mind-set of the average Indian consumer towards tiles? How do tiles compare to other materials for floors and walls?

Cement is incredibly durable. Floors can last up to 60 to 70 years if used and maintained properly. In addition to this, the tiles can be re-polished a number of times during their life and will look as good as new each time this is done. Cement floors can take a lot of wear and tear, and are perfect for high traffic areas.

Bharat Floorings, Mr. Firdaus Variava, Heritage tiles, Unity in Diversity, BFT+ Range, Micro cement.

What do you feel are going to be the future trends in this segment?

Uber cool designers have started using a lot and concrete materials, including patterned cement tiles and micro-toppings. Heritage™ tiles have become the rage, and the patterns used have started reflecting modern sensibilities with pastel colours, lots of geometric and minimalist designs, and some funky use of tile design to create Ikats.

Cement based micro toppings can be used indoors and outdoors to provide a clean canvas for decorative treatments such as stain, dyes, textures and stenciled patterns.

Bharat Floorings & Tiles
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