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Stunning Vertical Gardens” for balconies

Go Green…Vertically!

Low-maintenance ‘gardens’ created in small spaces cleverly using the heights instead of cluttering the widths.

Griin In is a company based in Pune and Mumbai, specialising in these gorgeous ‘vertical gardens’ made of 100% organic products to ensure nature-friendliness and sustainability. Mr. Sujit Jain is the founder and brains behind this much needed go-green initiative. In the concrete jungle we live in and the pollution we breathe in, these vertical gardens are just what the  doctor ordered.

Stunning Vertical Gardens” for balconies

Could you tell us about your business?

GRIIN was founded in the year 2013 with an intention to bring back the greenery to our urban settings where block sizes are shrinking with no yard space. To counter this challenge, GRIIN offers pertinent solutions to create sustainable living walls. These are smart solutions for urbanites to nurture their craving for home gardens where space is a major constraint. GRIIN walls can be adapted to any vertical surface or even structures without any wall support.

So far, GRIIN has installed more than 12,500 Sq.Ft. vertical/living walls across Pune and Mumbai for living rooms, roof top gardens, office boardrooms, cafeterias, office receptions, hotels, restaurants & lounges.

Why must one opt for your product?

Space: In urban areas, space is the utmost constraint that forces many urbanites not to even think of having home garden. GRIIN wall is a solution that actually helps to create a beautiful ambience on walls whilst overcoming the space constraint.

Improved Energy Efficiency: GRIIN wall is an excellent solution to improve a building’s thermal insulation. It creates excellent wind protection during winter months and limits movement of heat through thick vegetation mass.

Noise Reduction: The plants growing inside the living wall system will contribute to an overall reduction of noise that transmits or reflects from the wall.

Clean Air: The plants in your office or home are not only decorative, but NASA scientists have found few varieties of those plants to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside modern buildings.

Striking Aesthetics: Be it an interior or an exterior part of a structure, a vertical garden transforms the entire area in to a stunning visual treat. It also makes a statement that you care about the environment.

Maintenance: GRIIN walls are easy to maintain and are a perfect pick for busy urbanites since only tissue cultured & disease free plants are used along with a fully automated and sensor based Irrigation technology. In addition to this, the media used for GRIIN walls is 100% organic with good water holding capacity that helps to lower down water consumption. It also does not require any chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals for 2-3 years for the growth of plants. It also contains a natural insect repellent ingredient, which lowers insect attacks.

What steps has GRIIN taken towards a sustainable, recyclable and/or organic material?

The overall idea of GRIIN is to restore natural balance and be nature friendly in every possible manner. For an example, the media used for GRIIN walls is 100% organic and the tray and pockets which are used for plants are made of recyclable materials and the media pouches are bio-gradable in nature. In addition to this GRIIN uses only organic fertilizers for its plants.

What is the new and innovative product recently released by GRINN?

We noticed that some people want green elements in their houses however they don’t want to do anything with their walls. Hence GRIIN has come up with freestanding and movable indoor/outdoor modular living walls that can slide over any hard surface and can be placed against a wall or in the middle of a room with the help of recessed wheels.

What is the mind-set of the average Indian consumer towards ‘Green wall structures’?

The idea of vertical gardening is comparatively new to India and consumers are gradually getting familiar with it. A lot of them feel that vertical gardening requires a lot of maintenance, fertigation and nutrient management is comparatively inconvenient in case of vertical gardening. However that’s not completely correct and one just needs to take help of experts for setting up the vertical gardens.

What do you feel are going to be the future trends in this segment in the coming years?

Considering the environmental threats, vertical gardens represent an idea about sustainability that’s worth weighing in. In coming years vertical gardens will be an integral part of every commercial and residential set up. We will see them across a lot of public properties also.

What kind of material do you use for your product?

GRIIN offers real as well as artificial plants; however we strongly promote real plants instead of artificial ones. GRIIN uses a fully automated and sensor based irrigation technology that makes the watering process completely hassle free. In addition this, the media used for GRIIN walls instead of soil is 100% organic with good water holding capacity that helps to lower down water consumption. It also does not require any chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals for 1-1.5 years for the growth of plants.

Contact: +91 95617 24063


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