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Kich Railings, aesthetic, modular components, i-mark, Reliable, KlearView.

Kich Railings: Transforming Spaces

Kich Railings are remarkable for their stunning aesthetics and excellent quality.

A conversation with Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director of Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd, gives us an insight into the Railing Systems from Kich.

Kich Railings, aesthetic, modular components, i-mark, Reliable, KlearView.
Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director, Kich

What kind of Railings do you provide? What are the materials used?

Kich Railings are a visual delight and solid experience. A gentle feel on the outside and unwavering strength inside is what Kich Railings promise. Made of corrosion resistant AISI 316 grade stainless steel, Kich Railings epitomizes mesmerizing beauty and enduring strength of steel in the best possible manner.

A natural finish without any artificial coating makes these railings look beautiful for a longer period of time. Their aesthetic properties ensure they make a premise look luxurious and ultra-modern.

How is Kich keeping up with the emerging trends in the railing industry?

Contrary to 20th century, people now have started giving more importance to aesthetic properties of a product along with its quality. To capitalize on this changing scenario, Kich brings a wide range of railings having stunning aesthetics and excellent quality. These railings are results of unmatched craftsmanship and deep-rooted expertise of Kich. Apart from standard designs, Kich also provides customized design solutions as per the specific requirements.

What makes the railing systems from Kich unique and popular amongst customers?

Besides looking beautiful, Kich Railings are simple to assemble. Application of modular omponents (Knock Down System) makes their installation easy. Their modular components are assembled using grub bolts eliminating any requirement of welding on site. Since the welding is out of process, there is no scope of poor precision and welding marks on Railings.

Kich Railings come with modern designs and styles. Due to amazing yet practical designs, Kich Railings have also won prestigious design award “i-mark” two times Preference of Kich Railing by leading brands and projects itself speaks about its strong credentials. Vadodara International Airport, Airport Authority of India – Delhi, Lucknow High Court – Lucknow, Parliament House – New Delhi, JW Marriott – Kolkata, L&T – Mumbai, Golden Temple – Amritsar, Gautam Buddha University – Noida, Ranchi Cricket Stadium are some of the leading projects which have put their trust on Kich Railings.

Kich Railings, aesthetic, modular components, i-mark, Reliable, KlearView.

How reliable are the railings in terms of safety?

Reliability is another benefit of Kich Railings. Point-to-point assembly and precision installation of Kich Railing result in solid safety. The strength of Kich Railings is also certified as per American Safety Standards like ASTM E 935-00, ASTM E 985-00 and ASTM E 2353-06 for Concentrated Load Test, Uniformly Distributed Load Test and Shot Bag Impact Test by Al Futtaim Exova Testing (AFE), Dubai.

Hence, when it comes to quality, safety and reliability, Kich Railings will never let your expectations down. The latest innovation, KlearView Railing provides clear & very subtle view of outside without any other hardware obstacle to hold safety glass. However, there is no any compromise on safety aspects of Kich Railings.

What innovations can we look forward to in Railing Systems from Kich in the near future?

Kich products are always a mark of excellence. Our R&D team and designers really put earnest efforts in developing products so that they can deliver remarkable quality and long-lasting durability. We have repeatedly conducted various tests to ensure that they can perform even under toughest conditions.

Hence, Kich Railings are an excellent product in terms of all the attributes. Along with delivering solid safety, they will enhance overall beauty of your premise. Apart from Railings, Kich also manufactures Architectural Hardware and Bathroom Accessories having top credentials in terms of quality, performance and design.

Kich India
Gondal Road, NH 8B, Vavdi,
Rajkot(Gujarat), India
tel: +91-281-3290316/17


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