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H&R Johnson, Industrial tiles, Elite Collection, Johnson Bathrooms, Pankaj Sharma.

Leading With Social Responsibility: H&R Johnson

A pioneer in the tile segment, H&R Johnson transforms spaces with its exclusive range of products.

H&R Johnson is the pioneer in the tile and sanitary ware segment as well as a leader in the Industrial tiles vertical which includes high performance tiles, alkali resistant tiles, anti-static tiles and scratch free ties. The Inside Track spoke to Mr Pankaj Sharma, President – Johnson Bathrooms & Kitchens, H&R Johnson (India).

H&R Johnson, Industrial tiles, Elite Collection, Johnson Bathrooms, Pankaj Sharma.
Mr Pankaj Sharma, President – Johnson Bathrooms & Kitchens, H&R Johnson (India)

What kind of products and solutions does HR Johnson specialize in? What are the products that are specifically meant to cater the bathroom and sanitary ware segment?

H&R Johnson caters to various sectors with its wide range of tiles for every space – scratch free tiles, swimming pool tiles, porcelain tiles with germ-free quality, anti-skid tiles for bathrooms, stain and scratch resistant tiles for living room and kitchen, germ free tiles for both floor and walls, large format tiles etc.

Johnson Bathrooms offers the most comprehensive range covering CP Fittings, germ-free sanitaryware, wellness and bathing luxury products. Our ‘CARE’ series collection has been designed prevents mould and stain causing bacteria and highlights the slip and scratch resistant qualities which ultimately provide robust interiors. The ‘Elite Collection’ from Johnson Bathrooms series brings the luxury and style in a complete package.

What are the sustainable products and solutions that HR Johnson has ventured into through its ‘green initiative’?

Johnson Bathrooms division has launched a collection of Water saving Closets that consume less water for flushing. Ceramic flooring is considered as one of the most sustainable flooring options and are highly durable and maintenance free.

Our manufacturing operations are increasingly using greener fuels like biomass and wind energy. The company has registered two projects under the Clean Development Mechanism and two projects on the VER+ scheme accruing VER+ credits. We have also launched the Johnson Endura Cool Roof SRI Tiles, a revolutionary technology that helps keep the harsh rays of the sun off the building and bounces them back into the atmosphere.

This results into a drop in temperature naturally in turn reducing load on external cooling appliances like the air-conditioners or coolers and saving electricity.

H&R Johnson, Industrial tiles, Elite Collection, Johnson Bathrooms, Pankaj Sharma.

What are the emerging trends in the bathroom and sanitary ware segment in India? Do you see any new product ideas?

The next focus area for our new age consumer is bathrooms, all set to witness the technology outburst. From automatic seat control to temperature control; from massage functions to electronic faucets, bathrooms are truly becoming an extension of our individualities. Toilets conserving water, sensor controlled functions and a lot more options exist for these compact spaces of our homes today. Solutions such as high efficiency flushing systems, infrared controls, and sensor taps and showers are gaining popularity. Moreover, there is also a marginal rise in premium segment products.

H&R Johnson, Industrial tiles, Elite Collection, Johnson Bathrooms, Pankaj Sharma.

How do you rate the demand for bathroom and sanitary ware in India?

The sanitary-ware market has been growing at a CAGR of 12.5% since 2010, and this trend is expected to continue in future. Today the sanitary-ware and bathroom fittings industry in India together is estimated to be valued around 60 billion INR. The Indian sanitary-ware market accounts for 8% of the global production and ranks second in terms of volume in the Asia-Pacific region. Manufacturers face a very big challenge of serving customers from each and every segment and are hence driven by innovation leading to the demand in this sector.

H&R Johnson India,
7th Floor, Windsor, C.S.T. Road,
Kalina, Santacruz (East)
Mumbai – 400098 India
tel : +91 -22-30647300/ 26547300


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