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PaGo, sanitary ware, Lalitha Kannapan, mix and match, dry bathroom, high-end.

Mix ‘N’ Match Rules

Instead of the complete bath solutions, mix and match is what customers are opting for.

High-end bathrooms are being increasingly advocated in the sanitary ware segment. PaGo provides kitchen and bathroom solutions by supplying units, appliances and furniture, striving to bring luxurious living aspirations to life.

The Inside Track speaks to Mrs. Lalitha Kannappan, Director of PaGo, about future developments in the bath segment and why complete bathroom solutions are not gaining ground in India.

PaGo, sanitary ware,  Lalitha Kannapan, mix and match, dry bathroom, high-end.
Mrs. Lalitha Kannappan, Director of PaGo

Could you tell us about your business?

We started our operations in this segment in April 2012. PaGo aspires for excellence in supplying quality products manufactured from all over the world. We deal in sanitary ware and kitchen ware primarily. Kajaria, Aqua Viva, Vitra and Kohler are some of the brands that we represent.

There are many international sanitary ware companies that have entered the market. How are they performing? How are they competing with Indian brands?

Indeed many international companies particularly those from Germany and Italy have entered this market, nevertheless the Indian brands like Kajaria are also are making their presence felt.

Today there is a concept of ‘complete bathroom solutions’ offered by brands. Are consumers opting for these concept bathrooms or are they still mixing and matching?

Despite the fact that some brands are providing complete bathroom solutions, however they do not always come up to the promise of high end bathrooms. Therefore, mix and match is a more preferable option amongst customers. We generally mix and match with Aqua Viva, a German collaboration, for their bathtubs, fittings and jacuzzi and VitrA, a collaboration from Turkey for their WTs and basins.

PaGo, sanitary ware,  Lalitha Kannapan, mix and match, dry bathroom, high-end.

Which companies are providing high quality water saving bath fittings today? Is there a great demand for such products?

There is a considerable demand for high quality bath fittings, however, water conservation is yet not in vogue. Though some brands promise water conservation, they do not live up to the expectation of it.

There has been an increase in the premium segment in the sanitary ware industry. Which according to you is the leader in this segment and which are some their best-selling products?

Kohler is a leader in this segment with its bath and kitchen fixtures. We offer our customers Aqua VitrA sanitary wares and fittings which are strikingly similar to Kohler.

PaGo, sanitary ware,  Lalitha Kannapan, mix and match, dry bathroom, high-end.

How do you rate the demand of bathroom furniture? Are consumers opting for this?

There is an 80% increase in demand for bathroom furniture recently. Customers are seeking cabins, mirrors and bathtubs in bathrooms.

What do you think could be the trends in this segment in the coming year? Do you see any new ideas product-wise?

High-end, spacious bathrooms with bathroom furniture would be the upcoming trend in this sector. Clients in the near future will be advocating dry bathroom which is yet to become a popular trend in India.

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