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Nolte, Alok Duggal, Georg Nolte, Neo Salon, Neo Chalet, Neo Loft, Plinth drawer.

Nolte India: Revolutionising Kitchens

Nolte is one of the largest makers of kitchen in the world and is continuing on its path of excellence.

Nolte is known for its constant stream of new design ideas that combine stunning aesthetics with exceptional functionality. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Alok Duggal, Chief Operating Officer, Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd who acquainted us with the brand’s products, innovations and the future trends.

Nolte, Alok Duggal, Georg Nolte, Neo Salon, Neo Chalet, Neo Loft, Plinth drawer.
Mr. Alok Duggal, Chief Operating Officer, Home Studio (India) Pvt. Ltd

How did Nolte begin? What sets its kitchen products apart in the market?

The Nolte enterprise was founded by Georg Nolte in 1923. Made in Germany, Nolte kitchens and bedrooms have been shaped by over 90 years of design experience.  Today, Nolte is one of the world’s largest makers of kitchens and bedrooms.

A family run legacy, what sets Nolte apart is the quality and technical standard that has been maintained since it began kitchen production in 1959. Every Nolte kitchen is a unique concept in itself with more than a thousand ways to customise one. Every kitchen comes complete with German-trained installation teams. Nolte has always been about innovative ideas that are as functional as they are aesthetic. Nolte is also the first German kitchen maker with environment labels for sustainable forestry.

What are some of the new innovations that Nolte has introduced in the kitchen market?

Our most recent introduction is the Neo kitchen, a concept that revolutionises life around the kitchen. Neo has carved a niche for itself in the premium kitchen segment with progressive design, innovative use of space, and flexible modules. The neo kitchen finds three unique interpretations – Neo Salon, Neo Chalet, and Neo Loft, each a different way of living.

Nolte, Alok Duggal, Georg Nolte, Neo Salon, Neo Chalet, Neo Loft, Plinth drawer.

Has Nolte ventured into complete kitchen solutions? What are the challenges when providing kitchen solutions and appliances to the Indian market?

Nolte India offers complete kitchen solutions from design to installation. We help customers source the right appliances for their kitchen. It is a fast-moving world and customers are moving away from hassle-prone carpenter kitchens to the ease and efficiency of a modular kitchen.

We don’t see any challenges in the Indian market as all our products come completely customisable. The appliances come with certain specifications as they are mostly built-in solutions but Nolte works nationally with top appliances brands like Siemens who have the know-how in providing solutions for the Indian market.

What kind of services do you offer customers post sale?

Yes, Nolte provides lifetime free service after sales. The services provided are mainly on technical issues.

Nolte, Alok Duggal, Georg Nolte, Neo Salon, Neo Chalet, Neo Loft, Plinth drawer.

What are some of Nolte’s most popular products in India?

Our most popular products are –  the Plinth drawer for which Nolte won a Red Dot Design Award – the corner solution ‘Le Mans’ – our tall unit solutions – the roll down shutter that hides small appliances like toasters, juicers, grinders, etc. The launch of new products is announced during the Nolte House Fair which happens every year in the month of September.

What do you feel could be the future trends of kitchens? What are customers asking for with respect to built-in kitchen appliances?

Nolte constantly works on introducing and adapting trends in the market. Since there very few established built-in kitchen appliances brands it gets difficult for customers to choose from the limited options provided in the market. One example is the built-in refrigerator – since the options are very few, even today customers are comfortable purchasing a free standing refrigerator.

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