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Redifining Outdoor Floor Aesthetics!

A leading brand of elegant pavements in India, Disha Ecoloc Pavers, has been delivering quality products with unsurpassed finish and textures.

Striking, durable and environment friendly, Disha Ecoloc Pavers leads you towards an ecological balance. A leading brand of elegant pavements with offices in Nagpur and Mumbai, it has emerged as a choice of aesthetic and practical element for landscapes, parking lots, driveways and patios. These aesthetically designed pavers have come forth as an ideal solution for problems related with water logging and groundwater depletion.

Could you tell us about your business? Are there any particular products that you specialize in?

Founded in 2008, Disha Pavers has always been focused on creating extraordinary outdoor paving solutions that are a few notches above the available spectrum in India.

Based in Nagpur, Disha Pavers has a quality intensive manufacturing facility near Nagpur that caters to the requirement of aesthetic paving challenges across India. Of the spectrum manufactured, TuffStone, SlateStone, Aspenstone, Courtstone and Cobblestone are varieties that are unique to Disha. Disha’s Cobblestone has a pre-defined set of 74 pieces that go into forming a perfectly laid circle that accentuates the paved area.

Could you please account for the pan-India presence of Disha Pavers?

Owing to the unique product offerings in terms of design, textures and colours, Disha Pavers has become a much sought after brand in India. Having become the first choice of architects and landscape designers, Disha makes ‘responsible’ pavers in terms of eco-sustainability.

The quality and ruggedness of the products has also gone a long way in helping Disha become the ‘loved one’ of the nation.

What steps has Disha Pavers taken towards sustainability?

Eco-sustainability is the keyword today. With global warming and large scale de-forestation, the need of the hour is to conserve water and ensure rainwater percolates into the ground. Disha has shot a film that demonstrates the correct laying procedure in terms of layering of the base material and then the final laying, in order to ensure rainwater and sprayed water harvesting.

Most Disha products come with the side-nibs to ensure a percolating gap between two pavers.

What are the new, innovative or game changing products recently released by Disha Pavers?

Apart from the unique products mentioned earlier, Disha is all set to launch its new ColoRado range this summer in India. With a unique finish and look ColoRado is sure to be the game changer in the Indian outdoor surface markets.

What is the mind-set of the average Indian consumer towards paving materials? How do pavers compare to other building materials?

The Indian mindset has always been quality oriented. However, the sensitivity towards environment has increased by leaps and bounds. The aesthetic demand of the Indian customer has also witnessed an upward curve. Indians are now demanding that pavers at par with the best in the world be offered to them.

What do you feel are going to be the future trends in this segment in the coming years? What are customers looking for in this segment?

Newer designs, colours and textures are going to rule the market in coming years. Professionals are very happy co-ordinating with Disha’s design team to develop newer products. One such instance is the demand for a customized imprint paver. This paver was specially designed by Disha to the satisfaction of the landscape designer and a delivery of 5 lakh sq. ft. was supplied in a record time.

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