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Scarlet Splendour

Kolkata-based Scarlet Splendour creates design symphonies through collaborations with talented designers and showsases a touch of whimsy with its collection of furniture and lighting.

Strings Credenza

With an oeuvre of fabulous fantastical objects, artworks, and furniture, Scarlet Splendour, a Kolkata-based globally recognised brand, constantly challenges the status quo in design. The company collaborates and commissions talented designers from across the globe, to bring in a modern twist to traditional Indian designing techniques.

The sibling duo at the helm of the company, Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, explores the intersection of art, design, and master craftsmanship; perfectly applying their entrepreneurial prowess in their design collaborations that successfully evolves into cutting-edge pieces that are both exciting and inspiring.

In an interview with The Inside Track, the duo provide insight on the brand’s vision, goals and inspirations, and why they want to create timeless designs that have a subtle hint of ‘desi’ness.

Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia

Tell us about your brand Scarlet Splendour – the intention and ideology behind its conception.

Scarlet Splendour is the present and the future of desi-inspired, decadent and timeless designs. I, along with my sister Suman Kanodia founded the company in 2014. In this short span, Scarlet Splendour has quickly garnered cult status as one of the foremost design houses in the country. We have garnered recognition for our eclectic and opulent furniture, lights, and accessories that are inspired by a wide range of cultures. Suman and I wanted to create a company with the simple idea of blending our passion for art and craftsmanship while cultivating a refined aesthetic through collections of objects. We are on a mission to take local craftsmanship to global levels.

Strings Cabinet

What’s a design constant when you conceptualise any product under your brand?

Design for us is coming together of art, technique, and culture which are further bolstered by a strong aesthetic sense. We transform furniture into magnificent, sleek and utilitarian forms of beauty, each having their own story.

The brand’s collections often have an underlying theme of fantasy and vivid accents of quirks. Tell us something about the brand’s design philosophy.

At Scarlet Splendour, we believe that luxury doesn’t have to be super serious. It’s nice to have an object of utility that is fantastically designed and brings a smile to the owner’s face. Since its launch, the brand has created a niche for their trailblazing designs, as they break away from conventional and standardised furniture forms. In five years, we believe, we have created a brand that is known for its avant-garde designs and exemplary quality by seamlessly integrating international designs with Indian craftsmanship, to create path-breaking products.

Oasis Cabinet

Tell us about the entire scope of work undertaken by Scarlet Splendour.

Scarlet Splendour is the first luxury brand from India and we collaborate with established international designers who are respected for their contribution to design. They understand our strengths in the manufacturing process and design unique products for us that we sell worldwide. In the next decade, we will foray into many other spheres of design using the same philosophy of fabulous design and superior craftsmanship.

You collaborate and co-create with accomplished designers and craftsmen on several projects; what has been the experience and takeaway from such collaborations?

We have globally recognised designers under the Scarlet Splendour umbrella, each having their own signature style and inspirations. Matteo is our first and principal designer. We fell in love with his forms and ideas. There is a sense of playfulness combined with luxury which is rare. Richard Hutten needs no introduction in the world of design. The perfection in his designs is a joy – mature, yet fun.

Nika Zupanc has emerged as a stalwart in product and furniture design, she understands the language of the brand that she collaborates with and designs pieces which are elegant and timeless.

Ciuco Cabinet

What are the future goals at Scarlet Splendour? What are you currently working on?

We have exciting new collections by design stalwarts Elena Salmistraro and Marcantonio, with whom we are collaborating for the first time. We will launch their designs at Salone Del Mobile 2020 along with new pieces by Matteo Cibic, Nika Zupanc, Richard Hutten and Artefatto Design Studio. The Forest collection, launched last December with the Forest chair, designed by Marcantonio, explores the dynamic and beauty of nature.

Woman in Paris Oro

Where can people buy your products: in-store/online/directly from you?

Our flagship studio is based in Kolkata. We are also present in stores all over the world, like the 1stdibs Studio in New York, Art Now at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, Altagamma in Russia, The Quarry Co-Lab in Mumbai and many more. We also have 1stDibs, Miliashop and Treniq as our online partners.



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