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PAG, Pradeep Kainya, railings, aluminium, stainless steel, iron.

The PAG Way

PAG International customizes according to the needs of the buyer.

PAG International is a renowned supplier of a wide range of hardware and fitting components. They specialize in railings of all kinds. The Inside Track spoke to Mr. Pradeep Kainya, Managing Director of PAG International Pvt. Ltd to gain an insight on the railings from the brand.

What kind of railing equipment do you provide?

We deal in all the four kinds of railings – stainless steel railing with rods, stainless steel railing with glass, stainless accessory railings and frameless aluminium railing systems.

We take pride in providing complete range of aluminium, stainless steel and iron railings along with glass or no glass options for balconies, staircase or any other property requirements. We also provide complete solution with end to end service and installation.

PAG, Pradeep Kainya, railings, aluminium, stainless steel, iron.
Mr. Pradeep Kainya, Managing Director, Pag International Pvt. Ltd

What are the emerging trends in the Indian railing industry?

Earlier, it was more about stainless steel railings but the new emerging trend is more about making it appear fancy and adding to the interior appeal of the site by using aluminium with different glass options. This looks better, is priced better and finally benefits the end consumer. Also this makes fixing really easy as there is no need to drill holes in glass. Overall quick installation and delivery, reasonable price, and being ergonomically acceptable are all those features that come together in the new frameless systems.

How do you incorporate efficiency?

We excel in quick installation and production as per customer needs. As manufacturers, our price and quality would be unbeatable if compared correctly. We believe in continuously updating our product features and technology to make them more efficient and top rated in industry.

We incorporate change in every aspect like design, material and technology. Additionally we customize according to the needs of the buyer with a deep understanding of the usage and price dynamics of the end user.

PAG, Pradeep Kainya, railings, aluminium, stainless steel, iron.

What do you think is missing in the current segment? How do you plan to improve it?

Today the customer knows what he wants but does not have the correct knowledge of the options that can fulfil his requirement. Hence he is always hesitant in trying new things that are may be even more beneficial for his final purpose.

Sometimes a customer develops trust issues with Indian brands and assumes that international brands are better even if they are providing the same product with similar or less quality and service and at a higher rate. We want to improve things by providing complete education of our strict specifications of the material used to the finish quality of the product and also by making it affordable and available to more than 1000 retail counters of India and Asia.

The current segments does not include designer and decorative aesthetics in the interior feel which can be given by the laser cut grill customized designs to replace the glass.

PAG, Pradeep Kainya, railings, aluminium, stainless steel, iron.

What innovations can we look forward to in railing systems in the near future?

Aluminium is going to be the best alternate for the future.  It is light, weather proof, has more colour options and is relatively cheaper. Strength may be compromised a little compared to stainless steel but joining the parts “The PAG way” would give you enough faith for years to come. Also there is a move from using clear glass to sandwich glass with Dupont film, enhancing the safety aspect of  the product.  Lastly we see wrought iron railings with glass being used more in the near future.

Pag International Pvt Ltd
Display Centre & Head Office
60/62 Kika Street
Mumbai India 400 004
tel: +919029002099


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