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Veka’s Futuristic Approach In India

Sensing a surge in the demands of its product’s Veka eyes direct presence in various parts of India.

Veka’s expansion has been formidable in India and with an increasing demand for their products, the largest international provider and manufacturer of uPVC profile systems for windows and doors now eyes greater presence in the country.

Mr. Rajesh Chawla, Director, Veka India
Mr. Rajesh Chawla, Director, Veka India

Mr. Rajesh Chawla, Director, Veka India, expounds the next steps that Veka’s set to take to expand its prominence in India.

What are your future plans for the brand?

At Veka India, we are planning to increase our direct presence to areas where we were not present until now. This is to connect with the customers and market directly. This will not just give us a better understanding of the market, but will also allow us to generate curiosity towards our advanced products.


What products can we expect in the near future?

We are offering high end products like AD 70, SL 73 & SL 90 and plan to offer more colours in laminates and co ex colours in the near future. It is particularly essential to make these products easily available, so that consumer efforts are lessened. The emphasis is on providing upscale technology for windows and doors along with an assortment of choices that increase the purchasing spectrum of the buyers.

Has there been a demand for technological products?

Yes, lately there has been a surge of demand for such products. For instance, lift and slide doors, windows with a higher degree of sound insulation etc. have been requested. We are in the process of meeting these demands. This will engender a satisfied customer base that we have always envisioned.


How do you plan to stay ahead from other competing brands?

Wider connect in the market, efficient services that we are able to offer and a larger portfolio of our products will help us achieve this.

Our approach to pervade the market has worked well and our services have always garnered positive reviews. What really seems to give us an edge is our product and company portfolio that is extensive in range and has the reputation synonymous with quality in the industry.

What are the emerging trends in the windows and doors segment?

Customers now look for larger openings with better sealing systems and higher glass specifications. Trends keep changing all the time, but currently  these are the ones that have been in demand while more and more people are requesting similar specifications. It’s a great indication for us as we take longer strides to introduce better technology in India.


What do you think is missing in the current segment? What can be good for the industry?

A quality benchmark is something that is missing and this is very critical for the industry’s good growth in the future. This will certainly create a line that will dictate terms of quality in the windows and doors segment, ensuring benefits for both the brands and their consumers. Such a thing is extremely important especially in uPVC profile systems for windows and doors.




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