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Franke, Wellness Oven, professional cooking, Dynamic Cooking Technology.

Franke Launches Wellness Oven

Franke is revolutionizing domestic and professional cooking with its exclusive Dynamic Cooking Technology. Franke has replaced traditional armoured electric heating elements with extremely reactive electronically controlled bare wire heating elements which heat the air very quickly. The mesh structure formed by the heating element filaments heats the air very quickly, guaranteeing efficient thermal exchange. The …

Nexus 21, TV lift, Anusha Technovision, customizable, IR remote.

Nexus 21 – TV lift, USA

Nexus 21 – TV Lift, USA distributed exclusively by Anusha Technovision in India, offers users a highly customizable yet straight forward option to enhance their entertainment experience. The nimble design behind the L-45 allows for the same system to be used in a wide array of applications. From Sound bar mounts and component shelves to …

H&R Johnson, Top Shield, anti-microbial, food-grade.

H&R Johnson Introduces Top Shield

H&R Johnson (India), India’s leading Integrated Lifestyle Solution provider launches a breakthrough product from Johnson Marble & Quartz, Johnson Top Shield, an anti-microbial counter top in quartz. It is a pre-fabricated, ready-to-install and germ-free quartz kitchen countertop that will change cooking spaces forever. It is manufactured with a special anti-microbial formula and developed through the …


Viega’s Reliable Pexfit Pro Fosta Pipe System

Viega introduced a new pipeline system Pexfit Pro Fosta for drinking water and heating systems. It is an innovative installation product under composite pipe system that is flexible and durable. Made of physically cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xc), these pipes are temperature and pressure-resistant compared to CPVC pipes, insensitive to corrosion and incrustation. A Pexfit Pro Fosta …

Ozone, Biometric Door Locks, Auto-lock, unmatched security.

Ozone Introduces Biometric Door Locks

Enhancing security solutions and for better safety and convenience, Ozone recently launched Biometric Door Locks for keyless convenience to lock & unlock your residence main door. This biometric door lock comes with 02 access options, user code & fingerprint for ease of operation and is powered with easy finger print scan technology, enabling one touch …

Panasonic, FoamPremia Series, Automatic, user-friendly, StainMaster technology.

Panasonic Introduces Foam Premia Series

Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd, a leader in innovation and technology, has introduced 13 new models of Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing machine series – FoamPremia. The new range combines the latest features with advanced technology, user-friendly convenience and enhanced performance. The new range generates rich foam that cascades inside the machine to penetrate to the …

Action Tesa, HDHMR Boards, Plywood, furniture

Initiating A Revolution With Water Resistant Plywood

Action Tesa took a massive leap in the Indian interiors industry by presenting HDHMR boards. This move is a masterstroke in a country that has eagerly waited for a viable resolution for the delicate nature of plywood. HDHMR stands for High Density High Moisture Resistant boards tha are made of hardwood. Apart from the problem …

Disha Pavers, Cobblestone, floor aesthetics, environment friendly, spatial designs.

Cobblestone By Disha Pavers

Making walking is an experience, since 2007; Disha Pavers has been redefining outdoor floor aesthetics with its premium range of durable and environment friendly pavers. Being the first choice of architects and landscape designers in countries across Asia, Disha Pavers offers a wide range of innovatively designed pavers which can be used for landscapes, parking …

K-Lite, LED Bollards, outdoor luminaires, Promenade Lighting, Bollards, Under Water Lighting, Polar lighting.

K-Lite Launches LED Bollards

Founded in 1977 in India, K-Lite has grown to be the leading manufacturer of outdoor luminaires and decorative poles. Exploring the many potential facets of lighting that supports. The wellbeing and safety of all, the brand has established a niche for itself in producing top quality lightning products for the landscape segment. Stylishly lightning the …

Canadian Wood, Douglas Fir, visual appeal, strength, cost-effective.

Canadian Wood Presents Douglas Fir Wood

In today’s modern times, teak is slowly being replaced with other types of wood due to its unsteady quality of supply. Although, teak has always occupied a special place in the culture and history of tropical regions, slowly in modern settings, the material is fast moving out of reach as a promising alterantive to teak …