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Duravit Presents Latest “c-shaped” Technology

Made entirely of DuraCeram® and specially finished, c-shaped has all the benefits of a ceramic glaze, such as ease of cleaning and robustness, whilst at the same time offering new scope for bathroom design within the wet environment. Duravit presents the new patent-pending c-shaped technology in its expansion of the Happy D.2 Plus series by …


Neon Bathtubs By VitrA

With its multiple size options and advanced light and hydro massage functions, VitrA’s Neon offers a bathtub solution suitable for every bathroom. VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces Neon Bathtubs. Neon bathtubs are available in both double and single-sided alternatives and can be used with panel options …


Kajaria Eternity Unveils New E-Shield Vitrified Tiles

The E-shield is a first-of-its-kind original product made from a distinctive glaze that has an anti-microbial treatment. A uniquely developed anti-microbial glaze introduced during the manufacturing process gives these tiles the ability to stop the build up of infectious germs, bacteria and fungus, making them the go-to option for today’s health conscious consumers. These full …


SensoWash® Starck, An Iconic Design For Maximum Comfort

The new and exciting shower-toilet generation, a collaboration by Duravit and Philippe Starck is available in two versions – the SensoWash® Starck f Plus and the SensoWash® Starck f Lite. They both sport a minimalist design for maximum shower-toilet comfort and have a trouble-free operating system accessible via a remote control, that is easily configurable …


Kohler Introduces Smart Home, Kitchen And Bathroom Solutions

At the CES 2020 fair, Kohler Co., a world innovator in the kitchen and bath products sector, introduced new products to its ‘smart home solutions’. The Kohler Konnect portfolio included five new products at CES (Consumer Technology Association), namely the Moxie shower head and smart speaker, the Aquifer Refine water purification system, the Setra touchless …


Hansgrohe Brings Home A New Showering Experience

Designed for the modern family, Hansgrohe adds fun and safety to the bathroom with their new Croma E range. With their new SoftCube design hallmarked with gently rounded corners, the Croma E product range possess the customary remarkable Hansgrohe spray technology that is compounded with the ultimate safety functions. The faucet can never gets too …


Aquatecture Façade Panels

Studio Sway’s Aquatecture panels offer a space-efficient system for rainwater harvesting that aesthetically fits in the urban settings. With the escalating variants in temperatures, climate change palpably poses a fundamental threat to life on earth. We find ourselves fighting with the beast of extremes, with longer dry spells, sporadic flash floods, glacier shrinkage and graver …


LG To Unveil Revolutionary Indoor Gardening Solution

LG will debut its new appliance at CES 2020, its first campaign into the thriving indoor gardening trend. This built-in column-style indoor garden uses advanced lighting, temperature and water control to let consumers grow greens year-round inside their kitchens! LG says it will offer convenient all-in-one seed packages and a growth-monitoring app to help users …


VitrA’s Plural: The Luxury Of Shared Intimacy

Designed by award-winning designer Terri Pecora in collaboration with the VitrA design team, the Plural series aims to enhance and uplift your bathroom aesthetics. Light and airy furniture is creatively embedded into the bathroom environment, introducing a welcoming domestic space where users can share time with each other. The Plural series offers the feeling of vintage …


Villeroy And Boch’s Viconnect Series

Intuitive, uncomplicated and fast to set up Villeroy and Boch’s ViConnect series introduces new installation systems and high-quality flush plates. Made in Germany, ViConnect’s intelligent integrated new features make it even simpler for installers to assemble and adjust. A new tool-free modification of the flush flow, new rotatable self-locking feet and a 4 point adjustment …