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Antica Ceramica Innovates With Timber Tiles Collection

Timber Tile collection by ANTICA CERAMICA includes both floor tiles and wall tiles which are perfect for indoors as well as outdoors of the homes.

The Timber Tile collection promises a bold statement to the contemporary homes with the touch sophistication. It featured aged and weathered wood effects, exposing a sense of natural elements, such as salts and oxides. The appeal lies in the variations of tone and visual intrigue that give any room a touch of grunge by giving it a powerful look. It is environment-friendly, resistant to water and scratching and these high- performance qualities make it the ideal choice for modern home interiors.

The tile is one of its kinds that portray the worn out like of wood along with patterns of industrial prints eg. Handle with care, Fragile etc., which has not been designed by any tile company. Timber Tiles can enhance the quality and value of any commercial or residential project including offices, hotels, restaurants, retail, wellness and residential venues. It is durable, light and easy to handle.



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