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Antica Ceramica Introduces “Stone Passion”

“Stone Passion” tiles series from DOMUS from Peronda (Spain), launched by ANTICA CERAMICA is a perfect option for walls and flooring for your home and workplace and allow you to create a unique environment tailored to your specific tastes.

According to Mr. Rahul Bhugra- MD- Antica Ceramica, “The “Stone Passion” series is inspired by natural stone with reliefs and hipernaturals graphics satisfying the high demand for natural looking tiles. Product between the cosmopolitan and rustic chic, a concept of structure, colour, graphics and surface finish can decorate rooms ranging from rustic to contemporary, coating both walls and floors. “Stone Passion” collection opens a huge variety of applications for inside and outside use thanks to its reliefs and finishes and offers a natural stone coating making as an ideal product for a warm habitat. His physical application can range from decorative walls, terraces, bathrooms, kitchens, floors home, halls where aesthetics you need may vary from rustic to classic to modern and minimalist spaces where Mediterranean intend to breathe air that evoke these stones into cutting edge spaces”.

These tiles are cost effective and easy to maintain as compared to natural stones.



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