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Arastan Exhibits At Good Earth, Mumbai

Arastan, a retailer of exotic home décor, returns to Mumbai to feature the best of artistic traditions from the Silk Route at Good Earth’s flagship store at Raghuvanshi Mills. The caravan of treasures includes carpets from across the Caucasian region and from Kurdistan, embroidered glassware from Azerbaijan and a new collection of the popular blue ceramic and silk ikat from Uzbekistan, as well as Arastan’s signature tribal cushions and ottomans.

The featured collection also includes rare tribal carpets and kilims from the Caucasus, Iran, Turkey, Morocco and Uzbekistan including the much sought after Quba, Shirvan, Ganjeh, Kazak, Karabagh, Gabbeh and Kurdish rugs. These rugs are produced primarily by nomadic and semi-nomadic groups living in villages rather than in the more systemised workshop settings of large cities. They are striking in the daring use of bright, contrasting colours and the incorporation of a wide variety of tribal motifs.

Arastan brings the history and culture of the Silk Route to Indian consumers through a range of fine and authentic handcrafted products, including jewellery, carpets and kilims, ceramics, and wall art sourced from the rich artisanal tradition of Anatolia, the Caucasus, Persia, Central Asia, and Northern Africa.



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