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Armstrong’s Suspended Ceiling Systems


Armstrong India has introduced Sound-scape Shapes Acoustical Clouds ceilings for the purpose of creating ideal room acoustics.

These suspended ceiling systems and false ceilings ensure clarity in communication and auditory experience which is very important in a commercial establishment. The systems not only absorb unwanted noise and echo, but also help in proper sound transmission. This produces excellent sound effects in any indoor space. Moreover, suspended ceilings are the best way to cover up unsightly pipes and wiring on a ceiling.

Armstrong’s Sound-scape Shapes Acoustical Clouds ceilings further raise the style quotient of any interior space. These clouds are available in ten eye-catching shapes and six attractive colours and can totally redefine interiors. Sound-scape shapes can be used to create a striking design for a new space or also refresh an existing area. It’s a product imbued with beauty and performance and imparts sound absorption upto 0.95 NRC apart from humidity resistance upto 90% RH.



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