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Canadian Wood, Douglas Fir, visual appeal, strength, cost-effective.

Canadian Wood Presents Douglas Fir Wood

In today’s modern times, teak is slowly being replaced with other types of wood due to its unsteady quality of supply. Although, teak has always occupied a special place in the culture and history of tropical regions, slowly in modern settings, the material is fast moving out of reach as a promising alterantive to teak is now available in India.

Douglas-fir, a popular Canadian Wood species displays properties comparable to teak in terms of visual appeal, multi-utility and strength, making it worth considering for any structural or interior design project.

Highly recommended for making innovative large structures or open plan spaces in wood, Douglas-fir is also popular for solid wood furniture, wooden doors and windows, interior design and carving projects.

Its slight pink cast and colour variation from light “straw” in the sapwood through to a deep russet brown in the heartwood, and strong grain pattern makes it a winner all round. Douglas-fir is strong and light in weight, which makes it very easy to handle and as compared to teak this species of wood is cost-effective too.



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