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Classic Marble Company Introduces Maxfine

Classic Marble Company introduces Maxfine, one of the largest porcelain slabs available in the world today. CMC has recently associated with the international tile major Iris, whose product, Maxfine is one of the biggest ceramic tile ever made.

These big-sized tiles are redefining the compositional potential of surfaces, from floors to indoor wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops and ventilated façades. Not only are the tiles available in the largest possible dimensions, but they also have been crafted to match the looks and finesse of natural marble.

The 6mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles are available in 3m x 1.5m formats. Internationally, this product is already a huge success with its versatility which allows it to be adopted for floor, walls and furnishings. Its technical characteristics of durability, hygiene and flexibility make it a useful product.

Available in glossy or pre-polished and squared-off versions, Maxfine by Iris covers a wide range of varieties and forms, from rustic, traditional styles to the most urbane, minimalist contemporary hues.



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