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Classic Marble Company Launches Its Onyx Collection

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has announced the launch of its latest collection of Onyx from its natural stones range. From fringed to veined and even crystalline patterns, the collection is a set of rare gemstones sourced from various parts of the globe.

Titled Onice Fantastico, Bianco Onyx, Jade Onyx Veined, and Honey Crystal Onyx, each has a distinct design characteristic and can be installed in counter tops, vanity tops, wall highlighters or even bar tables.

Translucent backlighting is a creative support tool that many designers use to achieve artistic, indoor environments. Because of the stone’s rich variety of colours and patterns and its opaque characteristic, it allows itself to be experimented with and installed in niche areas or otherwise.

With it being intrinsically delicate and due to its ability to be decked up with lighting, Onyx assumes the place of being a princess of the stone world. Onyx can be installed on vanities and other non-food service countertops.



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