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Disha Pavers, Courtstone, smooth paver, maximum percolation, eco- friendly.

Courtstone By Disha Pavers

Disha Ecoloc Pavers, India’s designer paver brand boasts of wonderful designs in its range of stunning pavers. The prime choice of architects and landscape designers in the Asian continent, Disha offers a wide range of innovatively designed pavers.

Courtstone, is a smooth paver that lends a blend of old-world charm and contemporary design to the paved area. It has a unique feature to its design. The base of the paver being slightly bigger than the top creates a gap between the pavers upon being laid thus helping the water to seep through.

These pavers can be used for walkways, area around buildings in townships and even areas with vehicular traffic. Courtstone’s unique design ensures maximum percolation of water into the ground, thus making it a highly eco- friendly paver. Hence, Courtstone stands as a preferable choice for those who need to maintain a specific ground water level within the confined area, without compromising on aesthetics.



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