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Crompton, instant water heater, larger tank , Nano polymer coating, Tank warranty.

Crompton’s Storage & Instant Water Heaters

Feel the warmth this winter with Crompton’s range of storage and instant water heaters. Being one of the most important appliances in any household, Crompton’s storage water heaters have a larger tank with capacity of up to 25 liters, whereas instant water heaters have the tank capacity of up to 3 litres. Crompton’s instant water heaters heat water quicker because of lower volume of water and higher rating of heating element.

Crompton has wide range of water heaters that are made of patented Nano polymer based coating, which makes sure the products last longer. These are available in different colours and types namely – Solarium Deluxe, Solarium Aura, Arno, Arno Power, Arno Deluxe and Magna in the price range of INR 7,000-13,000 in storage water heater category and, Solarium Plus and Bliss priced between INR 3,250 and INR 3,950 respectively in instant water heater category.

A blend of elegant design, technology, safety, energy-efficiency and convenience has made these water heaters so popular. Water heater’s warranty comes in 3 parts: warranty for the tank, element and the product. Crompton’s storage water heaters have Tank warranty of 5-7 years, element warranty of 2-3 years and product warranty of 2 years, whereas instant water heaters have tank, element and product warranty of 2 years.



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