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Faber, hob-cooktop hybrid, fast and economic, electronic ignition

Faber Launches Hybrid Hob-Cooktop

Faber’s hob-cooktop hybrid is designed on this tradition with new level of performance. Gas flame is fully controlled with a wide heating range and high output. This allows you to cook faster and more economically for the best possible cooking experience. The elegant iron trivets can be removed individually for easy cleaning.

Faber’s burners on gas hob have a very output to cook fast and economically. They utilize more energy and distribute the heat more evenly over the entire surface of the pan. Faber have made most space which have available and maximized the distance between all burners. Integrated into the knobs, electronic ignition provides east and simple ignition for gas burners.

Faber hobs are easy to clean as the burner cap and bases are covered with heat and scratch resistant high quality enamel. Cast iron which contains a small amount of carbon is hard and cannot be bent so it has to be made into objects by casting.



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