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Franke, Wellness Oven, professional cooking, Dynamic Cooking Technology.

Franke Launches Wellness Oven

Franke is revolutionizing domestic and professional cooking with its exclusive Dynamic Cooking Technology. Franke has replaced traditional armoured electric heating elements with extremely reactive electronically controlled bare wire heating elements which heat the air very quickly. The mesh structure formed by the heating element filaments heats the air very quickly, guaranteeing efficient thermal exchange.

The Next-generation DCT Enabled ovens have Patented technology such as “Dynamic Cooking Technology” features specifications like superior performance, reduced energy consumption and total safety. This is revolutionizing the concept of cooking. The outstanding features of this product are instant air heating, faster cooking and less risk of burning, low energy function to reduce power absorption, energy saving (-20%), three automatically controlled resistors with higher efficiency during thermal exchange, electronic functionalities with 50 pre-set receipts, exclusive programs options and independent or combined element management for targeted heat distribution.

Exclusive DCT technology by Franke offers optimal heat distribution inside the oven, guaranteeing perfect cooking, eliminating the risk of burning and keeping flavours and aromas intact.



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