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Godrej’s Knock N Lock

The lock manufacturing giant Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems has introduced in the market a unique lock called ‘Knock N’ Lock’ with a never before seen feature of invisibility which does not involve a keyhole or a card slot making it impossible for the naked eye to pick.

This cutting edge locking unit is based on the concept of patented Knock Code technology working as a concealed lock without any visible accesses point. Key imitation is impossible as recording the code is an act in futility.

The knock code technology approaches the entire system in an unconventional manner. A ‘Knock Key’ is used to unlock the door by simply touching the key to it.

Other than this making this entire system stand apart is its vandal resistance and one key solution. It is also well protected from corrosion and is not vulnerable to stolen keys. Most importantly it maintains complete audit trail of the last 1,000 lock events.



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