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Grohe Sensia – The Latest Generation Of Shower Toilets


Grohe now offers a unique range of products designed to keep you feeling fresh and clean all through the day. The four different product lines from the company harness the power of water for a gentle and natural personal care. These shower toilets raise the bar for hygiene and comfort, helping users feel clean and at ease all the time.

The Grohe Sensia IGS line, one of the four product lines, has an innovative seat-mounted controller with a user-friendly turn-and-push function as well as a highly advanced touch-screen based remote control unit. The upcoming launch of the Grohe Sensia Arena line of shower toilets is set out to mark a world premiere. The lozenge shape of the bowl ensures a perfectly ergonomic design both for the floor-standing and for the wall-mounted toilet. It also offers unique features such as an air-infused shower spray, a rimless bowl, automatic lid opening and, in the case of the floor-standing model, automatic flushing and rinsing with the use of sensor technology.



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