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Herman Miller Redefines Space With Kivo

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Designed by Alexander Lorenz for Herman Miller, Kivo can be used effectively as a boundary or a landmark to help with orientation and gives coherence to the workspace design. Kivo® tiles that form the skin of this impactful screening device can be removed easily, allowing users to create a bespoke look and feel.

Kivo is made of less than five components but because it is based on a unique algorithmic formula, the permutations are as infinite as the designer’s own imagination. Herman Miller provides design services with specially developed parametric software algorithms to plan and visualise customised Kivo® solutions. The felt covers are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Herman Miller provides additional customisation options for clients who want to have their own bespoke choices.

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Kivo® can be used to form variety of spaces, from compact to large-scale statement installations. Its transformational nature allows users to form unique spatial structures, an almost endless variety of architectural combinations that will enable users to create compact haven like shelters for concentrative work to providing acoustical division in team clubhouses to surrounds for meeting spaces.



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