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IDUS, Geometric Design Tables, Hexagon, triangle, star, rectangle, Mr. Sameer Hora.

IDUS launches Geometric Design Tables

The exquisite collection of Geometric Design Tables by Idus showcases an innovative amalgamation of indigenous materials like strong wood involving either pine or mahogany, glass, stainless steel and other metals etc.

Available in incredibly striking designs and shapes like that of a Hexagon, triangle, star, rectangle or circles these geometric pattern tables can help you opt for something more visually compelling while serving the functionality.

Additionally, classicism of lacquered wood and the sophisticated ox horn finishes on these tables would certainly add an elite touch to any living space. These tables can wonderfully fit in numerous spaces like a living room, bedroom, kid’s room or even the lobby area.

According to Mr. Sameer Hora-MD Idus, “These exquisite array of Geometric Design Tables are perfect for anyone looking to infuse some artistically inspired modern furniture piece into their home”. He further added that with craftsman’s unturned skills and creativity these tables exhibit substantial durability with exclusive functionality and core strength.



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