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Intelligent Furniture Security Locks From Ozone

Drawers and cabinets are typically used for storing confidential data and documents, cash, laptop and other valuables, and usually secured with manual key locks which are easy to break by robbers. Now secure your drawer cabinets with Ozone Intelligent Furniture Locks.

Ozone presents smart, robust and technology driven intelligent furniture locks to secure drawer cabinets to keep inside protected. These locks are made available in a series of options for style, design yet security and safety conscious customers. The range comprises locks with RFID card, numeric password, numeric keypad with knob lock and biometric finger print operating system. RFID card locks can be operated by multiple users using registered RFID cards; registering / deregistering multiple cards is very easy adding to the user-friendly features; these can be used on wooden panels of 16-25mm thickness.

Lock with numeric password pad can have 6-8 digit user code which is easy to reset by users and can be applied on 16-35mm thick wooden panels. Biometric finger print lock is the most secure furniture lock as it is not possible to duplicate biometric inputs and suitable for 16-38mm wooden panels. Numeric keypad with knob lock is offered in three variants – vertical numeric keypad and horizontal numeric keypad with RFID option for drawer cabinets and horizontal numeric keypad for sliding door cabinets and wardrobes and these are made to use on 18mm thick wooden panels.



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