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Introducing Napshell-Your Space For Relaxation

Considering the kind of fast paced life style we live in, power napping is important and is currently gaining a foothold in the corporate philosophies and health management systems of innovative companies. And to let you take a power nap amidst your busy schedule, Napshell provides you a space for relaxation.

The Napshell perfectly reconciles an employee’s need for quality of life and the company’s need for productivity. It is a place that creates a balance between performance and simply being.

It doesn’t come with a manual, all you need to do is just lie down in it, relax and benefit! The product intends to bring about 3600 brain enhancement, creativity, concentration, satisfaction, motivation and performance. The product lowers 34% risk of heart attack, 30% increase in performance, 16% faster response capacity and 50% improvement in decision making capacity.



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