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K7 Kitchen Island By Team 7

The K7 Kitchen is a designer kitchen with height-adjustable worktop. The automated worktop is a creative and useful idea: the lowest height is perfect for children and regular day-to-day dining; a slightly raised height is at a level which makes food preparation easier and more enjoyable; the highest position creates a cocktail bar atmosphere just right for entertaining in the evening. Other hidden details include the convenient sink cover, clever retractable taps, and drawers with sensitive surfaces that respond to your touch.

Overall, the functionality of the K7 Kitchen is only surpassed by the appearance: high-quality wooden storage areas combine with glossy surfaces and stainless steel fixtures to create a look that is totally contemporary. Available in seven different kinds of natural wood, from Alder to Walnut, the beauty and individuality of the material becomes a key attraction of the K7 kitchen. Worktop, table or bar – the K7 cooking island is everything.

The worktop of the K7 cooking island can be infinitely adjusted in height from 74 to 114 cm at the push of a button. In the lowest position, with retracted fitting and covered sink, the K7 cooking island looks just like a sideboard. This makes the K7 cooking island ideal for open living areas comprising the kitchen, dining and living room.



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