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Panasonic, FoamPremia Series, Automatic, user-friendly, StainMaster technology.

Panasonic Introduces Foam Premia Series

Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd, a leader in innovation and technology, has introduced 13 new models of Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing machine series – FoamPremia. The new range combines the latest features with advanced technology, user-friendly convenience and enhanced performance.

The new range generates rich foam that cascades inside the machine to penetrate to the fabric’s core for a spotlessly clean washing performance. Ensuring best wash quality and longevity of clothes life, the original detergent dissolving mechanism ensures that no trace of detergent remains. Specially designed for Indian Market, the new models incorporate StainMaster technology which allows individual wash programs to tackle even the most stubborn stains resulting in a perfect wash.

The new range is equipped with Aquabeat technology which provides a powerful water flow to knock out dirt ingrained in fibres. Moreover, the gently pulsating anti-bacterial Sazanami Drum treats your fabric with care. The in-built eco-friendly solutions include Aqua Spin Rinse, which conserves water up to 15%, and Econavi Technology which helps in saving water up to 23% and electricity up to 25% by detecting wash load volume and water temperature. The gentle hand wash mechanism allows washing delicate garments without fabric damage and shrinkage.



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