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Saint-Gobain’s Infinity Range Transforms High-rises

Saint-Gobain’s Infinity offers a range of products and solutions to the architect and builder community. Infinity’s products include a range of High-Performance Glass Products and Glazing Solutions that are sustainable even while delivering aesthetic value.

Under Infinity, Saint-Gobain also offers a bundle of allied solutions and advisory that complement and go beyond the product offerings.

Based on the “Comfort Meter” devised by Saint-Gobain, the range  offers multiple tints and different levels of Light Transmission, Solar Factor, U-Value (Insulation), UV Protection and Daytime Privacy.

Infinity products are engineered to provide maximum /optimum daylight inside but at the same time, keeping the interiors cool by cutting out undesirable heat. Transparency, sustainability and protection from heat make Saint-Gobain Infinity an attractive option for high-rise buildings.

As the world leader in glass manufacturing for the construction market, Saint-Gobain worldwide has set its sights on providing innovative solutions to two key challenges of the future – Environmental protection and Energy savings.



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