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Smartwash Brings Revolution To Indian Bathrooms

Indo-German Company Dr. Wiesner has launched an automated closet seat, called SmartWash, to revolutionize your bathroom experience. A perfect fusion of luxury and sustainability, the SmartWash range includes features like an automatic water bidet, pulse and water massage, inbuilt dryer, seat heater, fragrances and adjustable water temperature. Get ready to enjoy a hands-free, hygienic and smart bathroom experience, for both men and women, that can be attached to any existing commode.

Nearly six years ago, the company opened its India operations under the name Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation Pvt Ltd. In its quest to spread the value created in its unparalleled R&D labs, the Indian subsidiary has worked towards addressing the demands of the present day requirements by venturing into the lifestyle and consumer product category. The introduction of SmartWash – a German designed and made in India automated closet seat, is the first of the many that the company aims to present to the market to showcase its prowess in design and innovation.

SmartWash offers four products ranging from ease, elate, sense to bliss. The product starts from range INR 9999.



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