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Steelcase Presents SOTO II Worktools

Steelcase, a company focused on design and innovative concepts for the future of work, presents SOTO II Worktools, a collection of organisational and productivity tools for today’s mobile workers. According to Steelcase research, it takes a mobile worker 8 minutes from the time he sits down to set up and to become engaged in his work again.

SOTO II products encourage and ease this process by providing the right tools to welcome the user to his workspace. The worktools are designed to help mobile workers get set up, organised and productive quickly and efficiently.

The collection includes work tools that are designed to be multi-functional, optimising space, boundaries and storage, like the Mobile Caddy which anticipates the user’s needs for a place to stow personal items and a work bag.

The Launch Pad, available in both powered and non-powered versions, gives the users a desktop area to conveniently hold power and mobile devices and other personal items. Launch Pad Divider Screen, allows the Launch Pad to be easily divided, giving the users individual space and privacy between workstations.

Functional Screen combines organisation and privacy and offers an integrated envelope to keep frequently used documents, books and other materials. The Personal Pocket provides a place to store papers, files and other often used items and can be used freestanding or grouped in multiples to create an effective desktop organiser.



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