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Viega, Advantix Triple Inlet Drain, Indian bathrooms, three movable arms, water seal.

Viega’s Advantix Triple Inlet Drain

Viega has recently introduced a new drainage system called Advantix Triple Inlet Drain, a complete integrated system with German engineering specifically designed for Indian bathrooms. With the help of this bathroom drain, multiple connections are now possible without any additional fabrication to the trap making plumbing easier.

It has three movable arms that connect the shower area, basin and bath-tub to a single master drain ensuring flexibility. The movable arms also help in avoiding possible leakage due to lesser number of joints. The Advantix Triple Inlet Drain comes with a flange which helps during water proofing.

It has a water seal of 50mm which is excellent as per the building standards. It features a removable odour trap for cleaning, also acting as a cockroach barrier. Advantix triple inlet drain comes along with a non- slip grate ensuring safety to the users.

From architectural point of view, this drain has an installation depth of 175mm which allows architects to have lower slab thickness; this works as a good cost saving potential. Moreover, from design perspective Viega has a range of award winning Visign grates which work well with this drain. This provides the interior designer freedom to choose the grate accordingly, to suit the bathroom design. Overall, Viega’s Advantix Triple Inlet Drain is a great blend of technical excellence and quality design.



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