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Viega’s Reliable Pexfit Pro Fosta Pipe System

Viega introduced a new pipeline system Pexfit Pro Fosta for drinking water and heating systems. It is an innovative installation product under composite pipe system that is flexible and durable. Made of physically cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xc), these pipes are temperature and pressure-resistant compared to CPVC pipes, insensitive to corrosion and incrustation.

A Pexfit Pro Fosta series variant has three layers – PE-Xc internal pipe, an aluminium layer and white external coating – making the pipe form stable i.e. once bent into close radii, the pipe permanently retains this shape eliminating the need for elbow joints.

The Pexfit Pro system comes with the advantage of Viega´s press connection technology to ensure leakage-proof joints. Once crimped using the Viega press tool (tool calibration and bevelling are not required), these joints become permanently leak-proof. The pipes are available in 16 to 63 mm. An extensive range of Pexfit Pro connectors with press connections also allow quick and uncomplicated crossover to metal pipe systems.



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