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Wisma Atria Interiors’ Chest of Drawers Collection

Nowadays modern houses tend to have fewer display surfaces as compared to older ones. Hence a chest of drawers is the best idea that one can opt as it solves many storage problems by occupying less space. Known for her aesthetically curated high-end selection, Interior designer Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors has launched the elite and trendy chest of drawers collection that would perfectly suit the style and décor of your home by making it tremendously appealing.

The collection comprises of different patterns, shapes, and colours that are designed with hardwood solids and walnut, gold , maple, and expresso finish. Each piece of the collection is designed smartly which make it eye-catching yet fashionable storage solution. According to Nomita Kohli, “With beautiful furniture and accessories, Wisma Atria Interiors offers the discerning customers a lifestyle that is essential yet characteristic, spontaneous yet refined and always attentive to details. Skills and modern technology combine with artistic creativity to construct such marvellously designed products to offer some astonishing pieces and the chest of drawers collection is the perfect example of it.”

With amazing design and colour options, the collection is more than a contemporary classic; it also offers ample storage space.



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