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The Pink Zebra

With an eclectic new approach, the Renesa Architects have altered one of the oldest buildings of Kanpur into a magical restaurant. Dreaming of taking a tour across Wes Anderson’s extravagant and quirky sets? Renesa Architects have come up with a design for a restaurant that will give you the feel of walking through one of …


The Unraveling Of Enigma

A strange and highly secretive world of culinary amusement that reinvents the way people go to restaurants. Conceptualized by world renowned experimental chef Albert Adrià, and spearheaded by Pritzker prize winners RCR Architects, Enigma is an extremely elusive and singular restaurant nestled amongst Adrià’s six other eateries in an unfashionable area of Barcelona. True to …


Live Life ‘Swartz’ Size

Space planning – a necessity in metros to make small houses livable. With the rise in urbanism, the population in the cities is increasing. People come to cities in search of jobs and a better lifestyle. To provide a proper living space to them, the number of apartments getting constructed is increasing which in turn …


One Kitchen Options Galore

Nolte Neo modules can be combined and matched in any preferred way to the particular spatial situation. Great kitchen designs come not only from great products, but from the details. Loaded with innovative features and varied solutions for smart storage, Nolte kitchens gives you a truly unique range called ‘Neo’ which as the name suggests, …


Carved In A Cave

A terrace restaurant created inside a natural cave allowing for one of the world’s most unique dining experiences. Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. High art and monuments are to be found everywhere around the country. Its great cities of art history, like Rome, Venice and …


Caving In

This new-age brick cave is a creative response to Vietnam’s constantly changing urban environment. Located in a suburban neighbourhood of Hanoi which has been witnessing rapid urbanization in the recent years, H & P Architects spearheaded this project as a rebellious response to this context. They had a different idea of how to build a …


Pritzker Proud

The first Indian architect to receive one of architecture’s highest honour. Balkrishna Doshi has always created an architecture that is serious and non-flashy, or has he been a follower of trends,” said the Pritzker jury as they announced their decision to award B.V Doshi, the legendary Indian architect the highest honour in the field of …


Art Centric

A Whacky Hotel Creating Custom Designed Rooms Depicting Tokyo’s Local Vibe in the Form of Art. There’s another side to the serene, cherry blossom-filled nature scene in Tokyo and that’s the eclectic, sensory-overload district of Akihabara, where creative collective BnA STUDIO has just opened an art-centric hotel with a vibe that matches the neon scenes …


Magnets As Memoirs

Sator Space designs magnets inspired from the 60s and 70s Hungarian apartments.   We often visit places to marvel at the art and architecture of the space, understand the culture, the history of the region and then take back mementos like small sculptures, craft items and local accessories for remembrance. Through these keepsakes we try …


Life In A Bitsy Abode

With the need for sustainable architecture at its zenith, this UK based architecture firm has left no stone unturned. Conceptionalised and constructed by UK based architectural firm Invisible Studio, this tiny timber cabin portrays careful constraint and cleanliness, paring down basic necessities with absolute focus on sustainability and simple beauty of their surroundings. The firm …