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Home Artisan, home décor, Design-centricity, Scandinavian, mid-century modern design, gold colour palette, geometric shapes, natural materials.

Accomplishing Aesthetics With Home Artisan

With design as the focus, Home Artisan curates and creates elegant products that are great for decorating as well as gifting.  A  home décor store with a wide range of products, Home Artisan has much to offer for the contemporary home. From candleware, photo frames, lanterns and vases to bed sheets and cushions and pendant, …

Autumn, Décor, fluid spaces, Break the Rules, Epic Prints, well-polished sheen, teal, cerulean.

Welcome Autumn In Style

As our surroundings begin their fall make-over, it is time to re-do the interiors. And yes, there is more to this season than pumpkin orange! “Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant (Indian Summer) Autumn is so full of visual inspiration that it is almost hard to keep up. Without any contest, warm …

London, PVC Igloo, Garden Igloo, Berlin, warmly-lit hemispheres, Theresa Obermoser.

Pop-Up Igloos Invite Londoners

PVC Igloos near River Thames are egging on food lovers to do something unusual – eat-out on a terrace during winter!  First, the questions. Will these get blown away? What about ventilation? Does food inside an igloo taste different? But really importantly, how other-worldly cold is it going to be in there? To catch up, …

Office, clean, clutter-free, non-conformism, Organisation, lamp, Plants, statement wall, rug.

Fun-Up Your Office

Work spaces can become uninspiring rather quickly. But you needn’t wait for an expensive re-design to turn it all around. In more conservative times, a clean, clutter-free office was considered the ideal working space. Then Bohemian winds blew over, and some ‘studies’ started doing the rounds that, in fact, a messy work table is a …

Mezzo, bedspread, for cushion covers, table linen, tea warmers, Noida, Gold Essence, Behind The Times .

Accenting The Modern Home

From quirky apparels to exquisite home decor and utility items, Mezzo has something for you and your abode. A home is not made of just four walls and a roof. A home is a happy space shared by individuals whose personality reverberates through every brick. Mezzo helps you create that personal stamp of aesthetics in …

Monier, Perspective, elegant, concrete tiles, Elabana, Plano, water- tightness, heat reduction, natural light, better ventilation.

Perspective: Sleekness Has A New Name

Monier, the market leader in premium roofing solutions, introduces Perspective – the new concrete roof tile for Indian consumers. Monier Roofing, Part of BMI Group, is the largest roofing company worldwide, with offices in 33 countries, continental technical centres and over 130 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Present in India since 1997, Monier Roofing (formerly known as …

Alankaram, Dhwanit Parmar, Anupriya Sahu, wood furniture, customized doors, wall claddings.

The Act Of Decorating

Alankaram brings together client and designer in a unique process of customization to build state-of-the-art solid wood furniture pieces. F ounded by Dhwanit Parmar and Architect Anupriya Sahu, Alankaram specializes in combining different types of wood with different shades of colours to create efficient, functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products for homes, offices and retail …

rat[LAB]Education, Computational Design workshop, Summer School, Sushant Verma, 3D printing, Cellular Morphology Façade

Empowering With rat[LAB]Education

rat[LAB]Education completes 25 Computational Design workshops and takes a leap towards Summer School for designers. Rat[LAB] Education is an initiative by rat[LAB]-Research in Architecture & Technology ( to start a new discourse in architecture & parallel design disciplines with the use of ‘computational design’ & it’s various subsets. Spread across various cities / countries, they …

Monier Roofing, clay roof tiles, fittings, roof components, Perspective, Elabana, Plano.

Monier Roofing: Leading The World

Monier Roofing offers a range of concrete roof tiles, glazed and matt finished imported clay roof tiles, fittings and roof components that are specifically designed for the Indian roof market. Monier group is the world’s leading supplier of building materials for pitched and innovative roofs, chimney and ventilation systems. The company has operations in more …

Jaipur Pink, Sunita Burad, Mangalmayee, Artefacts, Fashion, Home Accessories, Ajrakh, silk cushions.

Customized Traditions

Jaipur Pink, by Sunita Burad, is built on the strong belief that custom blending with changing times can result in remarkably distinctive creations. Achildhood dream to become a fashion designer took Burad to BILAMS Kolkata where she did her Diploma in Fashion Design in 1991. Soon after, she launched her first label, Studio Elegante, and …