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Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, Ting1, Nyberg, Kai & Wingårdh, Gert Wingårdh, courtyard, three dimensional property creation.

Architecture Pixelated

This building in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden bears testimony to the architectural genius of ‘Nyberg, Kai & Wingårdh’. ‘‘I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”  -Georgia O’Keeffe A building named Ting1 in Sweden is now acclaimed as one of …

Frank Lloyd Wright, New York, The Mus eum of Mode r n Art, exhibition, Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Fallingwater house

“Unpacking The Archive”

New York witnesses an exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works from June 12th to October 1st, 2017. Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural structures have been acclaimed as the “the best all-time work of American architecture”. Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy was based on the idea of a harmony with humanity and the environment. The most prolific …

Studio Coppre, Pune, floaters, lights, cutlery, serve ware, artisans.

Copper Love

A personification of the love for handcrafted metalware, Studio Coppre is a Pune-based social enterprise that directs its efforts towards the revival of heritage metal crafts.  In the 17th century, the metalworking artisans of a small settlement called Tambat Ali migrated to Pune. Over 800 craftsmen thrived under the royal patronage of the Peshwas, beating …

rammed earth, sustainability, techniques, soil, Jeremie Gaudin, Made in Earth, SIREWALL.

Bringing Back The Sustainable

The rammed earth technique of building construction is making a comeback in the name of sustainability and environmental friendliness. Rammed earth basically works like the formwork of pouring a concrete wall. But instead of concrete, one uses soil from the site. The construction of an entire wall begins with a temporary frame, denominated the “formwork”, …

Spin, Shark Design Studio, furniture, Nordic touch, Avenish Jain.

Put A Spin On It

Daughter company of Shark Design Studio, a premier retail solution provider based in New Delhi, Spin is a young and enthusiastic initiative in the furniture segment. At Spin, the design philosophy centres around the blurring lines between contemporary homes, offices and recreation spaces. Owing to the fact that current trends are favouring free-flowing lifestyles over …

mid-century modern, home décor, good old charm, copper utensils, chandeliers, Scandinavian essence, Design Owl.

Go Mid-Century Modern Way

Welcome the mid-century modern trend which is all about giving your home a distinct character through an amalgamation of traditional and modern decor elements. The Mid-century Modern home décor is currently creating a rage with its minimalist, simplistic and naturally co-ordinated ideas.  The much talked home décor trend is all about clear well-defined lines and …

solar farm, floating, Huainan, China, solar panels.

Empowering  Sun Power

China takes a step towards sustainability and environmental harmony by opening the largest floating solar farm to generate energy.  The fossil fuels coal, petroleum and natural gas largely contribute to global warming through greenhouse effect. With globalization and industrialization, the need for energy is an ever-increasing phenomenon. This brings us to a very significant aspect …

New Delhi, The Brighter Side, residential, commercial, industrial, retail, outdoor, Lighting.

Big City Lights

Based in New Delhi, The Brighter Side is a company that specializes in lighting fixtures for various needs including residential, commercial, industrial, retail and outdoor. Launched in 2013, The Brighter Side is headed by a set of highly experienced individuals who believe in the old adage that customer is king. Further, they offer a vast …

CA + AT , Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa, Osaka, Naoshima, Teshima, Inujima, Takamatsu.

Where Art And Architecture Unite

A tour that unites contemporary art and architecture is a unique venture of its own kind. CA + AT is all about a curated journey that brings together a group of creative people with an attempt to trace the best of contemporary art and architecture sites in the world. This is an inspiring journey where …

Project Wood, Kanika Pahwa, Weaves Collection, Lustrous, The Garden Series

All Shapes And Sizes

“We don’t follow fashion or do this season’s look. We simply do forever fabulous,” believes Kanika Pahwa of Project Wood. Project Wood is a Delhi-based furniture and lifestyle design studio that revels in the idea of evergreen design. The Project Wood catalogue sells unique, iconic and authentically handcrafted furniture and accessories that boast of a …