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Craft Fairs, festival, Surajkund, Pushkar, Poush Mela, Rann Utsav, Taj Mahotsav.

Hues Of Festivity

We take you on a journey of some famous fairs and festivals in India that will make you long to be a part of them. India is a land of hues with festivities all the year round. Celebrations galore on every occasion here and fairs abound all the year round. Fairs and festivals bear the …

Photo Frames, décor, intensify, personalize.

The Picture Perfect Home

Frames are often the finest and most convenient decor item to intensify the impact of your home! Family photos, art pieces, or just random collection of images – whatever you decide to frame and hang up on the walls can help define your home’s style statement. Here’s how to get it just right. Choose a …

Yuccabe Italia, Planters, vases, fountains.

Curating Ambiance 

Yuccabe Italia crafts innovation and skilful design with its exclusive planters and vases that are ideal for modern homes and offices. Yuccabe Italia started with the initiative of banker turned entrepreneur Mr Kuldeep Kalsi who was passionate about décor and landscape design which combined to result as an absolute materialization of the idea for the …

lighting, state-of -the-art, table, ceiling, wall, floor.

Delightful Illumination

State-of-the-art Lighting is creating a buzz in the world of interior decoration. If you wish to decorate your home, office or any space without putting in much effort into it, you may upgrade the entire décor of the space by choosing some state-of -the-art lighting. A new and refreshing lighting fixture promises to add oodles …

Hanuman statue, Sculpture, unique, Charuvi Agrawal.

A Tale Of 26,000 Bells

Charuvi Agrawal has introduced her exclusive creation of a 25 feet sculpture of Shri Hanuman made of 26,000 bells which is a unique amalgamation of art and technology. Agold medalist in fine arts from Delhi College of Art and Computer Animation from Sheridan College in Canada, Charuvi Agrawal is a practicing visual artist in the …

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, art, installation, stalls, workshop.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 

A must-visit annual festival that preserves and refurbishes art and heritage of the city, Kala Ghoda is the largest multicultural festival in India. As a festival that recognizes, features, addresses, inspires and celebrates art in its subtlest forms including fine arts, photography, sculptures, urban design and architecture, literature, cinema and performative and visual arts, Kala …

Mirror, Spectacular Homes, D-hooks, aesthetic.

Mirroring Spectacular Homes

Mirror, an essential part of everyday life, can be used as an ideal object of décor to create an astounding effect on your home spaces. “Bad design is smoke, Good design is mirror.”-Juan Carlos Fernandes A mirror is an essentially indispensable part of every home. Besides being extremely useful as reflecting surfaces, they also can …

Supreme, INSUsound-xlo, HVAC, sound insulation, duct internal lining.

Towards A Less Noisy World  

INSUsound-xlo – a new age sound insulation material for HVAC duct internal lining makes way for a noiseless environment. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment for a building is one of the major sources of interior noise, and this noise comes from the main fans, flow of air through the system, and flow through …

BARO, style, art gallery, folk-art, store.

Baro Helps Hone Your Style

With a warm mélange of products and beautiful art, a visit to BARO is an invitation to hone your own décor style. Housed in a statement making turquoise-walled building, BARO is boldly decked in the spirit of an art gallery. The trio behind BARO, Mahesh Mathai, Srila Chatterjee and Siddharth Sirohi, have worked in the …

décor, living room, planter, pen stand, cushion, coaster.

Uber Cool Accessories

Living spaces can be spruced up with these unique décor products. Your living room is that space of your house where you relax, entertain, watch TV and do countless activities that are difficult to list down. Hence, decorating it in a way that it makes you feel comfortable and gives you easy access to things …