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Brick Awards

The Wienerberger Brick Award sets the stage for recognizing exceptional buildings where clay building materials have played a prominent role. Submissions to this award are now open. For more than one decade now, Wienerberger AG has been hosting the international “Wienerberger Brick Award” every two years, providing a stage for excellent brick architecture and its …



A sleek glass villa that combines transparency with sustainability forging a strong relationship between the interior and the surrounding landscape. Dutch studio Mecanno has designed this three-story glass villa from inside out, creating uninterrupted views to the surrounding nature while providing shelter and intimacy. All these aspects work together to ensure the house’s sense of …


Furniture Funk

Marrying the concept of productivity with art, Burosys is at the edge of innovation fuelling their forward-thinking designs. In the furniture industry, Burosys is a name synonymous with premium quality and efficient designs. Earlier known as Pitroda Furniture, the company has been in business since 1940 and has helped countless companies redefine their office workspaces. …



Mecanoo and Gispen envisions ultra-flexible trains of the future for the Netherlands. Trains are an integral element of a commuter’s daily routine. Noticeably the most popular mode of transport in Europe, trains are where people spend a considerable amount of their time daily. The Netherlands, as usual is the forefront country that has decided to …


Water Ventures

Cera enters the water heater segment with the launch of its Viva range of instant and storage water heaters. Cera, India’s fastest growing home solutions provider, which has been known for its path breaking innovations since 1980, offers a wide spectrum of experiences through an extensive range of products. To complement the sanitaryware products, there …



An enviable vacation home guarantees a relaxation sojourn for all ages. Vacation homes are usually built for people who need to leave the busy mundane routine and head out to spend a couple of stress-free days to unwind. Families with people of varied ages tend to sometimes deal with friction among each other due to …


Residential Bliss

Approached with a shoe string budget on a small site, Harish Kumar designed a dream-come-true home for a hopeful couple. Located on a densely populated residential locality where most of the surrounding buildings share walls, openness and exposure to as much light they could get was key. To enhance this experience Design Intgratus created different …


Kochi Biennale

The Biennale provides a world-class platform, outside of the commercial art space, to exhibit alongside starkly different makers. Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) is an international festival of contemporary art hosted in the city of Kochi, Kerala. Held from 12th December 2018 to 29th March 2019, it is India’s largest contemporary art event and public exhibition of …


Tree Chronicles

Samira Rathod Design Atelier documents the historic Rani Bagh in a book and draws attention to the diverse and exotic varieties of trees it encompasses. Amidst the vast concrete jungle and throngs of human crowds and pollution lies a dense thicket of lush landscape in a botanical paradise called Jijamata Udyan. Formerly and popularly called …


Down Under

An unreal experience of living with the sea-world right in the middle of the ocean in a room held to the bottom by four anchors. The Manta Resort is an elusive resort tucked into the embrace of the pristine Indian Ocean. Cut away from the rest of the world, this resort urges you to disconnect …