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décor products, unconventional, work space, Planters, desk lamp.

Working Stylishly

Add amazing décor products and uplift the style of your cubicle in no time. Is your desk looking a little drab? Are you too jaded to sit near the same mess every day? Then here’s how you can spruce up your work style without bothering anyone around. As offices aren’t always a great place for …

Glasshopper, Saarus Nirhali, Indiranagar, stained glass, lampshades.

Raise A Glass

This criminal lawyer turned artist and entrepreneur combines glass pieces with colourful pigments, transforming the unsuspecting transparent specimens into beautifully sparkling stained glass creations. Started in 2010 by Bangalore-based Saarus Nirhali, Glasshopper aims to revive and build awareness around the original Victorian art of Tiffany-style stained glass. Thriving on innovation and creativity in the areas …

Contemporary Lights, Stylish, living space, transform, lamps.

Contemporary Lights For Stylish Living Spaces

Contemporary lights can aesthetically and effortlessly transform your spaces! Your home space may have a smaller surface area or you may be the kind of person who prefers to live in a small manageable home. Nevertheless, however small a space may be, it can be illumined with proper lighting to achieve an assumption of a …

dining, elegance, décor, style, coasters, mats.

Pep Up The Dining Experience

Enrich your dining experience with style, elegance and grandeur! Revving up your home décor not only involves renovating the living room, bed room and the kitchen but the dining space as well, and there can be no end to experimentation even when you seek to decorate this energetic space of your home! Here we present …

Niana, fragrances, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, sachets.

Inhale Your Aura

Niana creates amazing fragrances in the form of candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and sachets. The love for fragrance, obsession with candles and the intense passion to create drives Niana to design exclusive fragrances. They develop such awesome products like candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, body massage candles and sachets. The brand came up with …

Coppersmith Creations, copper sinks, bathtubs, healthy, durable, maintenance free.

Caring With Copper  

Coppersmith Creation’s copper sinks and bathtubs are available in different colours, finishes and different surface patterns. Coppersmith Creations is a home decor company that started with the idea of making the traditional metal copper available in every home, hotel or spa nationally and internationally in the form of finest copper bathtubs, copper sinks, lamps, faucets …

Pondymania, lamps, corporate lighting, silhouettes, handcrafted.

Pondymania: Made In Light

From designing lamp to corporate lighting projects and from pencil research sketches to production, the team of Pondymania is mastering all the aspects from the creation to the production. After studying Arts in France and living in several countries in Africa and Asia, it was in Pondicherry in 2002 that the French couple Pascal Lys …

Office, Design, Contemporary, lighting, colourful.

Designing Work Spaces

A work space that is designed to be employee friendly ensures that remarkably greater and better work is generated. These are some ways you can give a new look to your office. A work space should ideally be designed to inspire, engage and encourage the employees to work. A well-designed office space enhances productivity. Here, …

Kitchen Décor, appealing, colours, furnishing, green.

Spice It Up  

These ideas will come handy for you if you are looking forward to giving a new look to your kitchen. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It is supposedly a creative space where energy gets substantialized through food. Hence, it holds ample significance in the decorum of the house. An …

Sameep Padora, City Collaborative, Maharashtra Nature Park, bridge, Mithi river, Dharavi.

A Win Win  

City Collaborative make their mark as they win the competition conducted to redesign the Maharashtra Nature Park near Dharavi. The planning and designing of green ventures to restore the ecological balance in metros has become a prime necessity. Mumbai being one of the metros that record very high air pollution levels according to the reports …