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WovenDreams, rugs, vibrant cushions, American designers, affordable.
Dark Brown Hand-tufted Pile

A Textured Fantasy

Let your home do all the talking with exquisite rugs and vibrant cushions from WovenDreams.  

With autumn slowly giving way to winter, evenings are soon going to become cooler. With the drop in temperature, there’ll be a need to convert your home into a warmer space. Play with floor rugs and cushions by WovenDreams to create the perfect ambiance.

WovenDreams, rugs, vibrant cushions, American designers, affordable.
Charcoal and Cream Hand Tufted Pile

WovenDreams brings the latest in international floor fashion by top American designers to your very home. Each cushion and rug is an embodiment of elegance and comfort. The brand houses a curated collection of exquisite designer rugs across a wide spectrum of colours and textures. Hence, there’s something for every mood, taste and requirement.

The products are available at affordable prices, keeping in mind the requirements of a variety of clients. The cushions and rugs are not high-maintenance and work marvellously even in houses with children.

WovenDreams, rugs, vibrant cushions, American designers, affordable.
Pink and White Hand Hooked Pile

WovenDreams has recently tied up with Artistic Weavers and Surya, an leading American company specialising in home accessories. The collaboration with such a huge player spells magic for WovenDreams’ client base, who will now have access to a diverse range of high-end international home and decor products.


Rugs add sophistication and luxury to a home, and WovenDreams knows it well. Their rugs, vibrant or subtle, fill empty spaces, veering conversation around them. The patterns and textures help uplift a room and transform it into a habitable space. The cushions and rugs enhance and complement the decor of any room. WovenDreams products can instantly make a room appear chic and fashionable or cosy and relaxing, depending on the selection.

WovenDreams, rugs, vibrant cushions, American designers, affordable.
Hand Knotted Pile in amazing hues

Since the brand believes that each home is as unique as the owner, their outstanding collection is available in a variety of styles, textures, colours and materials. Choose as per your requirement, and be prepared to wow friends and family.

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Text By Debarati Chakraborty


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