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lighting, state-of -the-art, table, ceiling, wall, floor.
Nautical Lamp from Design Owl

Delightful Illumination

State-of-the-art Lighting is creating a buzz in the world of interior decoration.

If you wish to decorate your home, office or any space without putting in much effort into it, you may upgrade the entire décor of the space by choosing some state-of -the-art lighting. A new and refreshing lighting fixture promises to add oodles of style to your home. Lamps made up of brass, wood, porcelain, stone, concrete, wrought iron, glass, mica, sea-shells, crystal, leather and paper are currently trending in the lighting segment of décor. Check out these lighting trends that are creating a buzz in the world of interior designing.

lighting, state-of -the-art, table, ceiling, wall, floor.
Crayon table lamp by Desi Jugaad

Dazzling Tables
Table lamps have been in trend since times immemorial. The traditional study lamps have been upgraded with a renewed style. Besides, there is an array of interesting designs available for table lamps that can enhance the glamour quotient of that table corner of yours like never before.

lighting, state-of -the-art, table, ceiling, wall, floor.
Istanbul globe chandelier by Gulmohar lane

Luminous Ceilings
Lights hanging from or mounted on the ceiling have an astounding impact on the look of space. Whether they are in the form of chandeliers or stylish pendant lamps or made up of such interesting materials as crystals, banana fibre paper and concrete, they are sure to illuminate with elegance.

lighting, state-of -the-art, table, ceiling, wall, floor.
Wall Athen by Purple Turtles

Resplendent Walls
Wall lamps provide you the most contemporary lighting solutions that combine design with utility. You may also bring the old world charm with one of the unique nautical marine lights specially designed to render a vintage character to your space.

lighting, state-of -the-art, table, ceiling, wall, floor.
Plumbing pipe book storage lamp by Desi Jugaad

Ethereal Floor
If you are seeking a lighting solution that can set apart the look of your home, you may go for floor lamps. These lamps light up any room with a blend of industrial edge and sophistication. These lamps become an admirable part of an invaluably cosy corner of the room.

Industrial Lighting
The latest trend that is creating a buzz in the lighting sector and taking home décor by storm is industrial lighting. It has a striking resemblance with industrial set up. They are mostly made up of metal or metal combined with wood and glass. They can create a startling impact in kitchens, balconies, living rooms and reception areas in offices.

Add these wonderful lights to your home and office spaces and discover a magical transformation!

By Anindita Ganguly

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