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In The Company Of Temples

Bengaluru-based firm, Cadence Architects has accomplished something dexterously impressive-designing a modern health centre in an area populated by historic religious monuments.

The team from Bengaluru-based firm, Cadence Architects, was presented with a rather off-beat proposal – of building a dialysis centre squeezed right in the middle of a heritage temple structure. The proposal was indeed unusual, and though the chosen location was definitely its most difficult challenge, it wasn’t the only hurdle the team would face.

The KMYF Dialysis Centre was to be set up in Bengaluru’s Jayanagar area with the temples in the backdrop, so the architects had to take care that the building did not completely take away the focus from the religious spot, while also, naturally, making the building distinct in its own way. Given its medical identity, the centre façade also had to look reasonably formal, and easy to locate. It was a tough mix to balance indeed!


The designer response to the challenges came in the form of a striking façade – it is fluid and white, with a folding form that makes it looks like a tall screen flapping in the wind. The sculpted folds of the façade resemble the unassuming garb of a spiritual entity, thus perfectly fitting into the sublime aura created by the backdrop temples. The façade, devoid of any colour, also makes sure to steal no attention from the colourful architecture of the temples.

There was yet another purpose that the façade serves – of letting in plentiful natural light. Silver gaps between its shells allow natural light to stream in, creating a lovely diffused look inside. The interiors glow as if caught in an ethereal nebula, another visual facet apt for the pious surroundings!

The floor space was limited too, a tight 9,700 sq. ft. for a 30-bed clinic swathe. In this constricted area, it was not possible to lay the beds horizontally, so they decided to stack them up in departmental divisions, and place the beds in a vertical fashion.

The lowest section of this building lifts off the ground to house the waiting space for patients. The cafeteria has been slotted at the terrace, offering a view of the surrounding temples. Just like the exteriors, white dominates the hue of the interiors at this dialysis clinic.

The facility opened its doors for patients on July 27, 2016, and not surprisingly and quite deservingly, made media headlines.

The KMYF wellness centre is a standing, thriving solution statement in response to the challenges that architecture firms face while re-imagining a historic neighbourhood, or especially while adding a modern structure in such precious precincts.


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